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Tuesday, 29 December 2009 03:26

BuzzFlash Mailbag for December 29, 2009

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Subject: Worst Case Scenario

Here's a very scary thought. Imagine if the United States had a Republican president during the years 1933 to 1945. This country would be in a horrendous condition right now! Hell, we might even still be living through The Great Depression. Thank God almighty we had a Democrat--Franklin D. Roosevelt--to help get us out of the dark years of The Depression and World War 2 instead of some incompetent moron Republican like George W. Bush who hates America and wants to bankrupt the country and throw people out of work. History has proven time and again that Republican presidents are disastrous for the economy and they have no interest in creating jobs or helping the poor.

They WANT to bankrupt America. They WANT to make everybody else poor while they make themselves richer. Republicans are useless, worthless assholes who don't give a shit about America or its people. It is time for all conservative right-wingers to get the hell out of politics where they don't belong. And that goes for those Blue Dog Democrats who act like they want to be Republicans. We don't need you. America does not need you. All you care about is destroying this country while getting as rich as you possibly can. There is a special place in hell for your kind, and you will get just what you deserve. Your evil deeds will come back and bite you on the ass someday. Karma is waiting for all of you evil people.

Shirley Dianne Jackson
Portland, Oregon

Subject: What To Do When Leaders Sell Out And Time's Running Out

Two options, either one gives up on changing the world and does the best one can with whatever time's left, or, one joins the mass uprising that's borne out of a long dormant collective consciousness, somehow awakened by the momentousness and urgency of the moment, same as the urgencies of the sixties begot the civil rights & anti-war movements of that era. What defines these mass uprisings is the spirit that drives them, namely, the all for one and one for all, plus the fact that everyone's a leader, a combination of factors which, when it comes to human endeavors, is about as close to invincibility as it gets.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Kill The Bill Keeps Single Payer Alive By Keeping The Health Care Crisis Center Stage

Whereas if the bill passes there'll be this general sigh of relief that, at last. the health care crisis has been resolved, so no need to think about it anymore, time to move on, when, in fact, the crisis continues unabated, albeit, under the radar of public awareness. Which means that the movement for universal health care would suffer the identical fate that the anti-war movement experienced after the bogus troop withdrawal agreement, namely, a withering away, such that the public will be at the mercy (nonexistent) of the health corporations & Big Pharma, like today, only worse.

On the other hand, kill the bill enables progressives to maintain health care's status as one of the top issues of the day, thus enabling us not only to resuscitate single payer, but to turn it into the deciding issue of the 2010 election, along with troops out now & downsizing banks. What about the effect of kill the bill upon President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress? No reason not to support them so long as they sign a pledge to go all out for said progressive agenda. Such a turnabout by President Obama, however, wouldn't get him out of having to face up to the music (i.e., being tried before the International Court of Criminal Justice) for his crimes against humanity, including but not limited to ordering the use of drone airplanes to murder innocent civilians).

A BuzzFlash Reader

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