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Thursday, 21 January 2010 07:14

Time to Card the Businesses: Those Forced to Watch Turn Off FOX

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Many readers have expressed sympathetic rage against the vast swathes of right-wing propaganda on FOX but have lacked an easy way of expressing that sentiment to establishments with FOX on the TV. No longer is that the case. We here at TurnOffFOX have created a set of cards for your use. Knowing that different people have varying tastes, or put another way, accept varying levels of conflict, we made three levels of cards.

Yes, you have three free downloadable options for leaving the message in public places — and to relatives and friends — to TurnOffFOX. You can download them from this page by clicking on their images below.

Polite Turn Off Fox Cards

Click to Download

The moderate version of the card presents a simple point about how FOX can turn away customers without venturing into the offensive. It looks like this:

Friendly Turn Off Fox Cardx

Click toDownload

For those looking to retain all manner of politeness but would still appreciate a change in channel, even if they would rather not talk about it, we have the kindler, gentler card:

Stern TurnOff Fox Card

Click to Download

Finally, those not concerned with coming off as too aggressive and probably expecting a taciturn response, anyway, may want to look into our sternest card, one we affectionately refer to as Muy Caliente:

We hope you enjoy not only reading the cards, but also printing them off and putting them to good use. Remember that you use the cards at your own discretion. FOX News, however, broadcasts to all our peril. So print off the cards, let your friends know about them, and get ask others out there to join the cause — and to Turn Off FOX.

Please send in tips and success stories to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., look out for us on Twitter @turnofffox, and join us at BuzzFlash in the Campaign to Turn Off FOX News.