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Tuesday, 26 January 2010 08:38

Thanks Joe (Lieberman), I Needed the Break

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BuzzFlash's Last Chance Democracy Cafe

By Steven C. Day

God love him, Joe Lieberman always manages to find a way to change my focus when I’m feeling down. Here I sit, lost in a deep funk over the current Twin Sister’s of Progressive Despair — feckless Democrats and right wing hack Supreme Court justices – and along comes Joe Lieberman and changes everything, for a second or two anyway.

It seems that Joe is once again talking about running as a Republican in 2012.

From Think Progress:

HOST: Could you see yourself being a Republican or is that…
LIEBERMAN: It’s possible.
LIEBERMAN: Yeah, yeah. No, it’s possible. A good old-fashioned New England moderate Republican.

Go, Joe, go! Do it — run as a “moderate” Republican! Lay it all on the line for the principles you hold dear (which these days seem to amount to taking joy in rubbing Democrats faces in it)!

I’m sure you’ll forgive progressive Democrats — a bunch desperately in need of a little diversion these days — if we take the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show (popcorn please!) as your “new” party turns on you. First, of course, will come the teebagger inspired primary challenge, to be quickly followed, on the off chance you somehow survive there, by wholesale slaughter in the general election.

You may not have noticed it, Joe, what with being so busy enjoying the warm embrace of the inside the Beltway media, but the voters of Connecticut — the folks who will actually decide your fate — hate your guts. And I mean they hate your guts. We’re talking irreconcilable differences here. You have about as much chance of being re-elected in 2012 as Clarence Thomas has of being named civil libertarian of the year by the People for the American Way. (In the old days I would have referenced the ACLU, but fu*k ‘em.)

So, thanks Joe. Thanks for not going quietly into the night (although my guess is that in the end you’ll still decide to retire and cash in with all your big business buddies, but let’s keep pretending you’ll actually run). Thanks for the gift that’s sure to keep on giving. Thanks for giving all of those Democrats whose lives you’ve taken such relish in making so miserable in recent years something priceless — the chance to see you go down in flames.

Gloating under such circumstances will, of course, be below our dignity.

In this particular case, however, I’ll be more than willing to make an exception.