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Sunday, 02 May 2010 01:14

Sarah Palin's Inability to Speak English Correctly Would Disqualify Her from Teaching in Arizona Too, Just Like Bush

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Yesterday, BuzzFlash noted that the Arizona State Board of Education has now prohibited teachers who don't speak perfect English or have perfect grammar from teaching in Arizona schools to bi-lingual students -- and that would definitely disqualify George W. Bush. A BuzzFlash reader e-mailed us and noted that neither would Sarah Palin qualify to teach English in Arizona.

"The comment about Bush's grammar was excellent. You should add Sarah Palin to college graduates who cannot teach in Arizona. Teachers use her as an example of lots of words that never make a complete sentence. I like to diagram her sentences for my students. I play the audio and then show them how far the dialog wandered from the first words. "

Good point, Anthony, good point.  Palin has no logical sentence structure because she has no logic. It's all in God's hands to her as she fulfills her role as a "spiritual warrior" for Christ in the seizure of the government to precede Armageddon.  A lot of progressive readers regard this as exaggeration, but it is not.  Palin was chosen by a radical Christian extremist, Mary Glaser, to be groomed to assume the role of taking over the U.S. government and implementing Draconian measures against non-Christians.  So Palin can't think in grammatical form, because her politics are those of emotional belief not deliberated public policy.