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Wednesday, 12 May 2010 08:26

Sarah Palin Too Toxic for Fellow Republican Mark Kirk?

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by Jeffrey Joseph

Why would a Republican in a heated national race actively choose not to appear at a GOP fundraiser with Sarah Palin? Could it be embarrassment over the actions of the GOP media magnet, or perhaps just a hope to meet up with Palin in circumstances where the two could be a little more… comfortable?

Regardless of whatever opinions exist about the intellectual capabilities or political viability of Sarah Palin, almost everyone recognizes that public fascination with her makes her a fundraising juggernaut. When Palin arrives, politicians tend to show up, if not to interact with her, then to take in the money associating with her tends to draw. Some Palin star power in the GOP may have worn off though, as her fundraising appearance in the Chicagoland area will be conspicuously absent of one embattled Republican hoping to win a Senate seat — Mark Kirk.

Palin has long planned on appearing at the Rosemont, IL, fundraiser in the hopes of raising cash for the GOP. The event will include the now-typical demand from Palin that the press, a group in which she currently claims to belong, not be allowed entrance (besides the conservative radio program expected to broadcast after the dinner). Interestingly Kirk, who hopes to win the Senate seat formerly held by President Obama, has opted against appearing at the event.

Kirk explained that he chose not to appear so he could instead participate in several votes in Washington, but Kirk thus far has not cast any such vote, making his excuse that much more implausible. In a race where Kirk may have a chance to win a predominantly Democratic seat, his decision to turn away from the opportunity to embrace the Sarah Palin political machine that he once sought comes across as that much more suspicious.

It seems most likely that Kirk wanted to diminish the association with Palin that has already come into focus in an ad by his opponent, Alexi Giannouilias. From misconceptions about the origins of U.S. law to the upcoming release of a book that she will reportedly not even pretend to write, Palin may have finally reached a point where the drawbacks of her vitriol and posturing may outweigh whatever donations she could have awarded him in the short term.

Then again, some of us at BuzzFlash have jokingly wondered if Kirk may have been distracted by another Chicago Tea Party fundraiser hoping to star Sarah Palin happening the same night — at a Sarah Palin look-a-like contest held in a Chicago strip club.

Whatever the reason Kirk offers, he clearly made an effort not to appear next to Sarah Palin when he had an opportunity to raise his conservative, FOX-viewer bona fides by the association. Palin now faces a Kirk snub to go along with the joke her Discovery show has become to suggest public fascination with her may be on the decline. Viewers should demand FOX get rid of Palin — a GOP shill so toxic even a fellow Republican in a hard-fought political battle would skip out on — if it wants to claim real integrity in on its network, and in the meantime choose to Turn Off FOX. 

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Originally posted at Turn Off FOX.