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Wednesday, 26 May 2010 01:46

Don't be Fooled: Rand Paul and Sarah Palin are the Heart and Soul of the GOP -- Barbara's Daily Buzz

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Sarah Palin Gives Disastrous Speech At Commercial Real Estate Conference, Calls Obama An "Opium" Addict

Sarah Palin is so full of herself, she believes all she has to do is show up and say something, anything derogatory about President Obama, wink and she's "gotcha"! Time now to pay up, because that's what Palin is all about: just another it's-the-money-stupid Repuglican!

Republicans embrace Rand Paul, just not his words

...at least not publicly, Rand Paul is just saying what's in and has been in the hearts and souls of Repuglicans since the beginning of time! Oh yes, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin are the heart and soul of the Repuglican Party. Their slanted ideology is the past and the future of the Repuglican Party, and the very reason why the GOP should be eliminated from politics once and for all!

Obama, Corker clash in private meeting

Rude and crude is the only way to describe Repuglican senators! While he appears to be proud of his ill-mannered, discourteous encounter with President Obama, Corker is the one whose "audacity" was showing, and his behavior is certainly unacceptable. This was proof positive that the lack of bipartisanship lies entirely with the Repuglicans. And yet, some still wonder how and why America is what it is today. It's the Repuglicans, stupid!