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Friday, 28 May 2010 02:44

Crazy Rand Paul Wants to Re-Write the Constitution in His Own Image -- Barbara's Daily Buzz

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Is Obama's 'cool' too cold for ravaged Gulf?

Mainstream corporate media never ceases to amaze me. Rather than a cool head and an informed plan, they want a president who screams "fire" in a movie theater! Having participated in many Code Blue situations, (resuscitations) I can attest that running around screaming and yelling will not, I repeat, will not bring a patient back from the dead! Neither will pseudo-passion plug the hole in a deep water oil spill!  Give me a man who can maintain a calm approach that actually solves the problem any day over a jerk-off spouting platitudes with a bull-horn! It's both sad and amusing that the bobble-head pundits, the Petes and repeats, whose only job is to instigate scandal, believe themselves experts on any given situation confronting an American president!

These guys want to rewrite the constitution in their own image! It goes beyond any reasoning whatsoever:

Rand Paul Suggests Children Of Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be U.S. Citizens

Paul recently suggested to a Russian TV station that the U.S. should abandon its policy of granting citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants -- even if they're born on U.S. soil.

What is it that drives Repuglican ideology? It's INSANE, it's CRAZY that in the 21st Century anyone would espouse this unconstitutional foolishness! No wonder Rand Paul is spouting his views and opinions to foreign TV. This is the kind of crazy that won't get him elected here at home!

McCain's newfound over-the-top conservatism is a fight for his political survival and proves that McCain will do whatever it takes:

Jonathan Alter fixed blame for John McCain's newfound conservative streak and abandonment of the "maverick" status that drove the media gaga back in 2000...

It would serve McCain right if he sold his soul and lost anyway.

He will bend in whatever direction the wind is blowing, which makes one wonder what else has he done in his lifetime to survive? 

Repuglicans have lied so many times about everything from soup to nuts, from President Obama to Nancy Pelosi to Harry Reid, to any and all things Democratic that it doesn't even bring a raised eyebrow, much less a challenge from the media anymore:

On Morning Joe, Andy Card falsely suggests Obama hasn't visited Gulf since oil spill began...

Whatever happened to truth, justice, honesty, and the American way in this country?!