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Monday, 31 May 2010 02:34

One Thing You Can Count On from the Repuglicans, They Are Always "For It, Before They Are Against It"!

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One thing you can count on from the Repuglicans, they are always "for it, before they are against it"!  They will do and say anything to win an election, they will  pander and pimp their opinions just to gain elected office, then look out they'll do whatever pays the most in treasure, perks, favors, and campaign donations. Whatever happened to honesty, truth, justice and the American way? Whatever happened to ideals, credibility, values, and abiding by one's word? The Repuglicans happened, that's what and they are primed to do it all over again if we don't vote them out.

On this Memorial Day, we honor and respect our troops, our sons and daughters, all those who swore an oath "to protect our Constitution and to protect this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic." To those who paid the ultimate price for democracy and to those who are still fighting, we Thank You and we also Thank the Families of our soldiers. We pray for them all!

We have a message for Rand Paul and the tea-party. We will "protect this nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic"; we intend to protect our Constitution, our democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people.  We will not stand by and allow an upstart movement created and nurtured by Repuglicans, Corporate America, and the "Country Club" crowd to remake America in their own image, we will not stand by and watch a bunch of protestors bully and lie their way into positions of authority.