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Thursday, 03 June 2010 03:43

Repuglicans Aided by the MSM Are Scaring the Bejezzus Out of Young People in Order to Annihilate Social Security Again

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Repuglicans aided and abetted by mainstream corporate media have been scaring the bejezzus out of young people in order to annihilate Social Security again. The Repuglicans have wanted to destroy Social Security since before it was fact, and they haven't stopped their diatribe against Social Security in hopes of doing just that -- destruction:

...The opponents of Social Security have, in fact, been surprisingly successful in the last few decades in convincing younger workers that they are being cheated...This manufactured cynicism has become so pervasive that respectable media outlets now regularly trumpet anything that seems to confirm the belief that Social Security has been hijacked by current retirees and Baby Boomers, to the detriment of younger people...the underlying facts do not support the pessimistic conclusions.

But the Repuglicans won't stop trying.  PS: Have you ever seen a Political Party, like today's Repuglican Party so hell bent on failure and destruction?

Supreme Court backs off strict enforcement of Miranda rights

Well folks, America has a Supreme Court of the Repuglicans, by the Repuglicans, and for the Repuglicans.  Just remember Repuglicans are corporate owned and corporate operated, as evidenced by the decision that made a person out of corporations. And now the SCOTUS is getting into the nitty-gritty that affects personal rights and freedoms.  This court won't stop until they annihilate progress.  Years of people's progress are going down the tubes as these guys rule against the American people and democracy. While it may sound irrelevant to some out there, it won't be so immaterial if and when it happens to you!

Non-gay former televangelist Ted Haggard said he had a "big announcement" coming today. Haggard is starting a new church that will welcome gays but not accept gay marriages. It's a little unclear to me from the announcement whether Haggard is actually turning over a new leaf and just can't quite get his head around gay marriage or whether this is just another angle on offering kinder gentler 'cures' for homosexuality.  Sounds more like cruising to me!

In true "Godfather" Cheney form:

Halliburton campaign donations spike. As Congress investigated its role in the doomed Deep Horizon oil rig, Halliburton donated $17,000 to candidates running for federal office, giving money to several lawmakers on committees that have launched inquiries into the massive spill.  The Texas-based oil giant’s political action committee made 14 contributions during the month of May, according to a federal campaign report filed Wednesday — 13 to Republicans and one to a Democrat. It was the busiest donation month for Halliburton’s PAC since September 2008. 

Sounds like the "oil, drill baby drill" barons are gearing up to do what they do best -- campaign donations! Campaign money, better known as insurance to guarantee business as usual.  The irony in all this is -- it's considered legal.