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Thursday, 10 June 2010 03:03

Who Is This Rabbi Dressed Like a Catholic Priest Making Racist Remarks About Mexican-Americans?

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Who is Rabbi David F. Nesenoff who seems to enjoy denigrating other people?  Derogatory racist remarks are unacceptable, no matter who says them.  Is the Rabbi going to follow in Helen Thomas's footsteps; is he going to atone for his remarks just like Helen Thomas did; is Rabbi David F. Nesenoff going to resign?   What goes around, comes around and it's time for another resignation!

I love it when Repuglicans start eating each other alive.  It's even better when one takes on a FOX NEWS favorite, a man who can turn the heads and the votes of his very right-wing audience on a dime. 

Whoops! New Senate nominee Carly Fiorina (R-CA) was caught in an unfortunate open mic incident today...complaining about Fox's Sean Hannity.... 

Was this a little pay-back?  Did Hannity make things difficult for Fiorina when she appeared on his show, or is this just some more Repuglican  negativity?  Either way it reveals the character of those who call themselves Repuglican, and it ain't pretty.

Well now, Repuglicans aren't flocking to support Sharron Angle's political views, now that she's Harry Reid's opponent! 

John Cornyn: I won't be talking policy with Sharron Angle>  It's more notable to list her negatives since there don't seem to be any positives---

Clip from June 9, 2010, Rachel Maddow Show where Rachel introduces the new Repuplican Senatorial Candidate from Nevada, Sharron Angle.  Rachel discusses Angle's fear of drinking water fluoridation (harkening back to the John Birch Society's fears); her opposition to: alcohol, the EPA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy, Social Security, Medicare, and the IRS, and her desire to further deregulate the oil industry, and her support for the bizarre Oath Keepers. Whew! That's one crazy lady. 

Dare I ask, can the Repuglicans get any crazier than this?


Whoops, it seems like at least one Repuglican supports Sharron Angle's political views. 

In answer to my own question about Repuglican crazies, yes, Repuglicans can get crazier:

On a call with reporters this morning, RNC Chair Michael Steele called his new Senate nominee in Nevada, tea party favorite Sharron Angle, a "common sense" leader who'll bring a "good, fresh look at the issues" to the race against Sen. Harry Reid (D). "I feel good about what Sharron Angle will bring to the Senate," Steele said.

Obviously neither Mr. Steele nor Sharron Angle have an iota of "common sense" going for them.