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Saturday, 12 June 2010 01:23

Greed Outweighs Common Sense in Colorado Springs

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Ahh yes, "the best laid plans of mice, men ( and Repuglicans) often go awry" and so it seems in Colorado Springs where greed outweighed common sense:

The city of Colorado Springs has long persisted as an ultra-conservative, anti-tax bastion. When voters rejected the latest proposal to raise taxes to maintain city services, the bottom fell out of the city budget. Now, hundreds of thousands of citizens are struggling to live without basic services. In this exclusive documentary, we delve into the effects of anti-tax policies on the lives of ordinary people.

It's amazing how some people, when they don't have what they need, discover government ain't so bad after all.

Mr. Lieberman, a Connecticut independent whom Democrats have counted as one of their own, is the honored guest at a Washington fund-raising dinner that is being hosted by a group of top Republican fund-raisers:

"The event....is to benefit his 2012 re-election campaign. The question, though, is with which party Mr. Lieberman will align himself if he decides to ask voters to give him a fifth term in the Senate." 

We've always known Joe Lieberman bends in whatever direction the political wind blows, and where ever the money flows!  Flirting with the GOP strokes his ego and gives him a false sense of importance, makes him feel like a really big, really significant man, but the games he plays are indicative of a pesky shameless little gnat that just won't go away.  And that is disgusting.

Meow -- Fiorina's comments will send conservative women politicians back into the kitchen, her remarks were so 20th Century.  Catty remarks about another's coif do not a Senator make, especially when Fiorina's hairdo is what it is.  And yes we do know that Hannity is an 'egotestical' maniac whose opinion of himself leans more toward mentally unbalanced than that "fair and balanced" bull.  Hannity may accept your apology, Carly, but my advice to you is, shut-up and don't turn your back.

Mainstream corporate media has had a lot to say about "tea-baggers", promoting the "tea-party's" grass roots origin and their conservative ideology, and giving more air time than deserved to the gun-toting protests and all the hate filled rhetoric.  After watching the "baggers" upset the Repuglican establishment candidates in the recent primaries, aren't you glad the Repuglicans laid claim and brewed that tea!  Honestly, the Repuglicans deserve that bunch of rabble rousers; the Repuglicans courted them and nurtured their philosophy, and now they must live with that which Repuglicans created. What goes around, comes around, and traditional Repuglicanism is being destroyed.  The lies, the scandal, the bullying, the hypocrisy, the mean nastiness are all coming home to roost.