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Tuesday, 15 June 2010 06:05

Karl Roving from One Attack to Another, All for the GOP

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by Jeffrey Joseph

No matter how many times FOX continues to repeat its “fair and balanced” slogan, its continued choice to hire unabashedly conservative contributors like Sean Hannity, who wanted to know if he could now physically threaten the president, and infamous GOP operative Karl Rove prove that the network’s concept of “balanced” needs retooling. Despite, and most likely because of, the obvious slant their contributors hold, FOX continues to have people like Rove comment on the news as if he can dispassionately evaluate politics, even when he has shown capable of contradicting his own stances within minutes on the air, all for the sake of the political attack.

Last week, Rove appeared on On the Record to offer his advice on what President Obama should do to deal with the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Rove followed up on his piece in Wall Street Journal, another Murdoch-owned and conservative enterprise, by decrying the Obama response in saying, “So why has he not met with industry experts to say, ‘Explain to me what we ought to be doing’? And if he doesn’t want to meet with people in the oil industry, then you — there are plenty of very smart petroleum engineering professors in America’s great colleges and universities he could meet with.”

For a moment, Rove appeared to appreciate higher education, something his FOX colleagues appear to more generally disdain. Moments later, Rove recalled the tired attack against President Obama specifically because of his noted education and derided the administration because “he’s populated his administration with people just like him, eggheads from academia who have no practical working knowledge of how the American economy works or what ordinary families face in their daily lives, and the disconnect simply is growing.” Indeed, Rove confusingly demanded President Obama meet with some engineering professors, but concomitantly, he wanted to be rid of all those “eggheads from academia.” Hence, Rove must offer startlingly coherent and useful insight.

No wonder, then, that FOX would have Rove analyze the upcoming elections during a purportedly straight-news segment with Bill Hemmer. Specifically discussing the race between Senator Harry Reid and Tea Party-endorsed Sharron Angle, Rove predictably wrote off Reid as “the bantam boxer from Searchlight” that Angle has a strong chance of defeating.

Hemmer could have expected no less from Rove considering Rove’s participation in political group American Crossroads, which recently began attacking Harry Reid with TV ads. Only a blatantly biased network like FOX would pretend it could bring in Rove for unbiased analysis during its “news” programming to analyze an election where he has already helped to promote one of the two candidates.

The people working at FOX know fully well that their network operates as a thinly veiled GOP propaganda network. The fact that FOX News can employ the likes of Karl Rove and present him as a unbiased analyst when his blatant politicking leaves him contradicting himself within minutes underscores FOX’s political stance. Viewers should tell FOX to quit being so disingenuous about the clear bias in its presentation of stories and its contributors if it wants to be taken seriously as a news network — and in the meantime, choose to Turn Off FOX.

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Originally posted at Turn Off FOX.