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Tuesday, 25 July 2006 08:05

BuzzFlash Mailbag for July 25, 2006

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Subject: Mailbag ... 7/24/06

First...some housekeeping...I saw two hearings on C-span this weekend...wondered if anyone else saw them...One about how horrid the Medicare drug presc. plan was...how that donut hole works, and how it hurts the most ill of this nation. It made me so mad...to think that we pay prescription drugs for the likes of Dick Cheney...Bush and Rumsfeld...it is just a horror.

The other hearing...(they put these things on at midnight) so I stay up just to get on their nerves...this one was about the right wing stealing our election in 2000-2002-2004-likely 2006 and 2008, if we do not do something fast! Both, I have to admit made me a little sick... but, wondered what in the world anyone can do about it...sheeeeeesh!!!

To Sandra Boynton...I am beginning to see the light, to face the fact that what you're saying is more right than I'd like to admit!

Ken Duerksen...I watched Josh Bolton get massacred...and it was wonderful. He lied so much, it was almost like he was going backwards! It was the primo...doublespeak!

And to Genie...would that we could go back to the year 2004...and have the hopes...and dreams that we had then.  The people at my rally...were so loud and chanting...and it almost surprised me that there were people out there who felt the same way I did! We all bought Howard Dean shirts and everyone wore them over whatever they had on...what hopes...just to be dashed!!!!

Shirley ... St. Louie Woman

Subject: US Currency


Let me see if I have this right. Americans are fleeing Lebanon because our ally, Israel, who we give over 2 Billion a year, is lobbing war at civilians, with a few Hezbollas thrown in for good measure. I always thought only terrorists targeted innocent civilians. Thank goodness all them embryos are safe.


Subject: None Of Us Will Be Free Until the Last Chain Is Broken

How is it that when it comes to any hot spot in the world, with the exception of the Middle East, we progressives not only always agree upon which side to support, but invariably we choose the side that's in opposition to the one that our government supports?  Is this because we're natural born contrarians?  Maybe but there's more to it. One is either on the side of the slave or the slave master and progressives just happen to side with the slave. Our government, on the other hand,always backs the slavemaster. That's built into the capitalist system which our government so zealously champions.

In any given conflict how does one know who's slave and who's slavemaster?  By one's gut-level response to what's going on.  Why does the progressive automatically indentify with the slave? Who knows, but most likely the usual combination of nature and nurture is at work.

And the Middle East exception?  This concerns the Jewish settler-state Israel.  At the gut level it's the slavemaster, being that it occupies someone else's land, the Palestinians', and to have one's land occupied is to be enslaved.

Now most progressives realize this and have no trouble figuring out who's slave and who's slavemaster.  However there are some progressives who get tripped up on this issue and lose their capacity to identify with the slave, so that when the slave (Palestinian) tries to break free, instead of cheering her on, these progressives, fearing what might happen to the slavemaster should the slave break free, side with the slavemaster. 

How to get folks who are on the side of the slave everywhere but in the Middle East to see the light in regards to that conflict too? They'll have to feel confident that justice for the Palestinian people will not put the Israelis at risk, but that instead will turn out to be a blessing to them.

That's because those fears about what the newly liberated slave might do to her former slavemaster will prove totally unfounded once the chains come off the Palestinian people.  It'll turn out that the slave will free us all.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Poor Little Stem Cells

Thanks for BuzzFlash.  Can't live without it.  Hope you enjoy my little poem.

By Susan Day Campbell

Poor little tiny stem cells
They really are pathetic.
They’re murdered in their little beds
By docs unsympathetic…

To their potential “Snowflake” lives,
Their chilly little souls.
They ne’r will see the light of day,
Nor reach their Christian goals.

To quote the Prez, who signed the ban,
“Murder’s what God saith,”
Thus forcing sick Americans
To die a painful death.

Because those dishes full of cells
Are people, whole with souls.
But babies in Afghanistan
Who're shot all full of holes.

Are nothing but a “messy” kind
Of democracy in action
Their deaths, collateral damage,
An anxiety reaction…

To media’s bad reporting.
(The war’s just going swell.)
So long live little icicles.
The rest can go to hell.

Susan Day Campbell
Carmichael, CA

Subject: Arlen Spectator

Hi Buzz....

I just finished reading your headline about the illustrious "Arlen."

Is Arlen "All Bark and No Bite" Specter Grandstanding Again? Or is He Finally Serious: "We will submit legislation to the United States Senate which will...authorize the Congress to undertake judicial review of those signing statements with the view to having the president's acts declared unconstitutional." The Busheviks Usually Get What They Want with Arlen, So What's Up?

I must say I agree...What is he up to now...Just how many times now has he stood up for issues...and caved in to the "Bushites"...On how many issues?

Is someone counting all of these times? You would think that a man who has survived cancer...would want to do something good with the time he has left on this earth...instead of just pretending to..........

Sooooooooo sad.


Subject: The No-Values Republicans

It is hard to take Republicans and their constant talk about their values seriously. As they self-righteously sit up there on what they perceive as the moral high ground it is quite evident they don’t realize how ridiculous they appear.

Their “values” don’t seem to include honesty. Coming from the party that once belonged to “Honest Abe,” that seems odd. Most Americans are smart enough to know that all politicians lie. Red or Blue, Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, they all lie. We know it and they know we know it.

Still we all insist on some limits. Or at least those of us who consider honesty a “value” insist on limits. Conservative voters don’t seem to care. Or know. Or understand. Your party lies to you and tells you fairy tales and then pretty much blows you off after being elected. They play Conservative voters for fools, throw them some red meat  occasionally and then hurry back to their real job of gutting America in service of their real constituency, the Corporations.

But never expect your “values” voter to understand that. In their bone-deep meanness they don’t care. They just want to be able to keep other Americans from getting married or owning their own bodies or living their private lives in private. Conservatives are all about forcing everyone into their mold.

Values? Conservatives really have none. They have a real and honest meanness that goes all the way to the soul. They care nothing for the real Christian values that focus on helping the poor, or kindness or mercy. They are empty and mean-spirited. And they are foolish and dishonest. Values? I think not.

I prefer the Liberal values I was raised with. Honesty, charity, kindness and minding my own business. Guess that makes me one of those hateful and hated liberals.

Marjorie Swanson
Kenosha, Wisconsin

Subject: Letter Sent to The New York Times and AEI Regarding the
Persistent, Traitorous Nuisance That Is Richard Perle

Israel must now deal a blow of such magnitude to those who would destroy it as to leave no doubt that its earlier policy of acquiescence is over. This means precise military action against Hezbollah and its infrastructure in Lebanon and Syria, for as long as it takes and without regard to mindless diplomatic blather about proportionality. -- from: An Appropriate Response by Richard Perle; July 22, 2006

Do we need any more evidence than Richard Perle’s latest blurb in The New York Times that this man and his neoconservative associates are not, at heart, loyal Americans? The current crisis in Lebanon has elicited so much giddy effusion from the PNAC primaries that it is clear that their interests are not those of this country. President Bush has maintained among Americans what support he can for his "war on terror" by stressing the "Democratization of the Middle East" as the ultimate goal of his foreign policy. Yet in the past two weeks we’ve seen Israel destroying the infrastructure and killing the citizenry - not of Hezbollah - but of Lebanon, the single promising fledgeling democracy in the Arab world, while Perle and his cohorts drop all pretext of support for Bush’s "freedom on the march" rhetoric and ecstatically cheer this destructive projection of Israeli power. Taking their cue, the Bush administration has easily shed its wispy paradigm of fostering democratic development and has publically assumed the role of supportive spectator.

All but the most deluded analysts have by now admitted that the US invasion of Iraq has weakened America’s standing in the world. It has drained our military capability, syphoned our treasury into a corrupt and incestuous system of military contracting, and strengthened the ranks and position of our enemies. Now Israel follows suit by harshly punishing an innocent population for the actions of a few and wrecking the stability that has begun to develop in its defensless neighbor. Middle-class Lebanese who two weeks ago abhorred Hezbollah are now furiously declaring their support for the group. It's as if the same deranged minds were devising the wasteful and counterproductive strategies being employed by the United States and her Israeli allies.

The neoconservative policies promulgated by Perle, Gingrich, Kristol, et al. and vacuously pursued by our leaders can now be seen as directly counter to the interests of the American and Israeli nations, not to mention their smaller, weaker victims. These policies reflect instead the interests of a radical new state apparatus that appears to have been formed by the merger - through the influence of powerful and surreptitious neocons - of right-wing elements of the American, Israeli and British governments and defense industries: Eisenhower’s "Military Industrial Complex" gone international and wildly predatory. Level-headed, well-meaning citizens of all nations involved in this crisis need to take abrupt action to retrieve control of their governments and halt this dangerous development ... without regard for mindless necon blather about "the spread of freedom."

Ken Duerksen
Oxford, Ohio

Despite opposition from many environmental, health and consumer rights organizations, 39 state Attorneys General, 7 state Governors, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, the Association of Food and Drug Officials, the National Conference of State Legislators and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, the United States House of Representatives passed H.R. 4167, The National Uniformity for Food Act, on Wednesday, March 8th.

A companion bill, SB 3128, has now been introduced in the Senate by Senator Burr, AND IS SET TO BE HEARD JULY 27TH.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: CNN Airs Evidence That Israel Is Using Phosphorous WTF?

Truly AMAZING!  How could they use phosphorous, isn't that a WAR CRIME?  Doesn't that melt the skin off the bones leaving only bones and clothes?

And you heard it on CNN. 

OH, WAIT, DIDN'T THE U.S. MILITARY DO THE SAME THING?  Yes they did - in Iraqmire.  Was it a WMD, and was the use a war crime? - Yes. 

Did it get any air time on the so-called Elite Media? - NO!

The spin on the crime goes round and round, round and round.

Oh why oh why couldn't dumby be more like his father - only puking on foreign heads of state - not sexually attacking them? Why couldn't he be content ruining the U.S. instead of spreading his brand of DEMOCRACY and ruining and enflaming the entire world? Making people hate filled and evil.

Oh the humanity!

CNN airs evidence that Israel is using phosphorous in the bombs it's been dropping on Lebanon 7/25

KJ Lovell
Duncan, OK

Subject: Rush Limbaugh: "I'm depressed now and I don't know why, I'm just being honest."

... said it out of the blue. just now. los angeles radio, 9 a.m. los angeles time [withdrawing are ya now rush?]


Subject: Wow! Finally a Story About Hezbollah Rockets

Your coverage of the Lebanon runs 10-1 anti Israel. You failed to show the story on FOX about the cowards in Hezbollah hiding within the civilian population as stated by a high rep of the UN. But, finally some coverage about the constant rocket bombardment of Israel.

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: "No" on William Haynes II

Hello, All. 

I've sent the following message to my Senators.  I'm getting awfully tired of the "hey, look over there!" trick: 

While we are distracted by more flashy issues, GWB and his party flood us with a multitude of actions that debase the judiciary, promote theft of our public lands, and otherwise engage in rape and pillage. 

This unrelenting activity, whose collective result is to erode the protections of law, has been stunningly successful, as the Congress has by and large collaborated or rolled over. 

Another wholly unacceptable act is the nomination of William Haynes II to be a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.  This man has played a key role in violations of the U.S. Consitution, the Geneva Convention, and the War Crimes Act of 1996.  He has contributed to the abuses of Abu Ghraib, and in a sane world could be vulnerable to indictment under the War Crimes Act of 1996.  Mr. Bush wishes to put this fox into the henhouse of the court that reviews the legality of his excesses and crimes. 

Abu Ghraib Rewarded - New York Times

To quote from a NYT OP-ED piece published July 17:

William Haynes II, the Pentagon's general counsel, has been closely involved in shaping some of the Bush administration's most legally and morally objectionable policies, notably on the use of torture. The last thing he is suited to be is a federal judge, but that is just what President Bush wants to make him. The Senate has been far too willing to rubber-stamp the president's extreme judicial nominees. But there is reason to hope that strong opposition to Mr. Haynes, including from the military, may block this thoroughly inappropriate choice.

Apparently, the Judiciary Committee has held its nose and passed this nomination on to the the full Senate. 


Support a fillibuster if it comes to that.  Step up to your oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC."

John F. Williford
Richland, WA

Subject: "New Middle East"

What happened to the "new Europe"; in reference to the "old Europe" not supporting the Iraq war (Rummy)?

Rice and Neo-Cons Still Swigging Down the Laced Kool-Aid on Fantasy Island: "It is time for a new Middle East," declared US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Last time BuzzFlash checked it was still the old one on the map. And, if anything, whatever new one there is descending into uncontrollable death and destruction. 7/26

A BuzzFlash Reader

Subject: Specter's threat

You are 100% correct in your blurb, Bush does usually get what he wants.

So, what’s up? Arlen is bringing this issue to the courts, which for the past twenty-five years have been packed with right-wing ideologues, so that the Massa’s signing statements can be given the imprimatur of the judiciary with no further threat of a Democratic-controlled legislature coming in in January and nullifying Bush’s unconstitutional attachments.

In essence, this is a sign that Specter and the White House think they are going to lose control of the Congress in the midterm elections and Bush wants to make permanent those unconstitutional bits of fluff he’s added to the end of bills he’s signed. Take note, not only have these statements been added to the Federal Register along with the laws, Bush and Co. have had the temerity to force West Law Publishing to add the signing statements to recently enacted laws so that they become part of the legislative history of the law.

Arlen is once again serving as Bush’s water carrier.

Matt Carmody
Cornwall, NY