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Tuesday, 29 June 2010 02:27

The Wall Street Journal Is Just Another Fox News

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My condolences go out to the family of Senator Robert Byrd.  The Senate has lost a true patriot and West Virgina has lost a favorite son.

Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal editorial board rewrites history to mislead its readers.  No longer a bastion of truth in the financial world, the Wall Street Journal is just another Fox News fabricating the facts to fit a twisted ideology.  There are no scruples, no ethics, no morals in American politics or in American finance or in American Journalism anymore.  It's become a dog eat dog, money grubbing, me first kind of world.  Democracy is imploding from the inside out, self-destruction is the name of this game and the Repuglicans lit this fuse of annihilation.

Collins Pulls Back Support For Wall Street Bill Over Bank Tax.  It's another "bait and switch" tactic and no one does it better than the Repugicans.  First they're for it and  when it comes down to the brass tacks, the nitty gritty of actually passing a bill, then they're against it.  The Repuglican Party and all its members are playing games with the well being of the American people.  They have no desire to move forward; they would rather this nation fail.  Do the Repuglicans realize you cannot work for failure and also claim to be patriots?

Now that the inevitable is imminent Haley Barbour is singing a different tune:

Just weeks ago, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour claimed that oil was not a big threat to the people of the Gulf Coast. Now, with oil hitting his state's beaches for the first time since the start of the BP spill , the Republican governor says his state isn't prepared for the spill and needs more help. 

A belated help won't drown out the fact he was adamant that the oil spill was not catastrophic.  Barbour is more the buffoon, than the ultimate political strategist.  BP Slick Reached Mississippi While Haley Barbour Went Fundraising In Washington:  AWOL and fundraising in D.C. doesn't help the clean up effort.  The BP oil spill is Haley Barbour's "katrina."

Jeff Sessions showed the whole world that he is a bumbling jerk.  His opening statement in the Kagan hearings yesterday was the worst kind of rhetorical hyperbole to echo in the halls of government.  His presentation was amateurish and lacked the dignity and the good taste of a senator, thus making him a laughing stock.  He was and is an embarrassment to be sure.