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Wednesday, 30 June 2010 12:49

Sessions Displays His Axe to Grind in Full View with Kagan

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Jeff Sessions Uses Camera Time To Call Elena Kagan A Liar:  "I guess what I'm saying is the overall picture that she portrayed of the situation seems to me to be disconnected to the reality of it," Sessions told reporters during a break in the hearings this morning. "I believe a Supreme Court justice has got to show clarity of mind, the ability to rigorously analyze complex situations and state them clearly and accurately with intellectual honesty."

The "reality" here is Sessions is a jerk, he has no clarity of mind , he cannot analyze complexities, and he certainly is not honest.  He is a radical Repuglican with an axe to grind, and his self indulgent vengeance is obvious.

When does "religion" become big business?  When the church's assets are threatened, that's when: 

Pope Benedict XVI issued the first apology to priest abuse victims from St. Peter's Square - a gesture intended to show that church leadership is finally ready to confront this growing scandal...in reporting...we found...Wealthy dioceses have claimed to be broke and taken the drastic act of filing for bankruptcy. Only when forced to open their ledgers in bankruptcy proceedings does it become clear that several of these dioceses were actually flush with assets - cash, real estate, parishes - that it could have made available to victims seeking restitution.

So much for "contrition", when money is involved, money will always come first.

The radical right has got to blame God for the Gulf oil spill disaster:   “'the BP oil spill is God's punishment for our failure to properly support Israel is becoming an increasingly accepted explanation.'* Others claim that 'debauchery on the beaches,' is one possible cause of the oil spill. And many think of it as a warning from on high." 

It's the only way the radical right can deflect blame for not recognizing the need for energy reform; it's the only way they can rationalize their denial of global warming; it's the only way they can avert responsibility for their own sins.  These mere mortals are using God's name to justify their own wrong headedness.  Wasn't there a "commandment" that said something about not using the Lord's name in vain?  That didn't just mean cursing.  And just exactly what does "properly supporting Israel" mean?  Is God now calling for pre-emptive wars with those who have differences of opinion?

Mercy me, this SCOTUS has finally done something correct.  Perhaps Repuglican political shennanigans will finally come to the fore:

In a surprise decision Tuesday morning, the United States Supreme Court vacated an earlier ruling by a lower court in the case of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, who was convicted of bribery and honest services fraud in 2006 in a case that has widely been criticized as politically motivated...Siegelman's attorney for the Supreme Court appeal, Sam Heldman, told Raw Story, "We are very pleased with the Court's ruling. This is an important step towards a complete victory for Governor Siegelman.