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Thursday, 01 July 2010 12:56

Lara Logan's Take on Michael Hastings' McChrystal Is Typical of the Mainstream Media

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"Logan...CBS’s chief foreign correspondent, said that she wasn’t sure that she would have used the story Michael Hastings, the Rolling Stone writer, had in his hands after spending time with General Stanley McChrystal and his crew." 

Just goes to prove, conservative mainstream corporate media picks and chooses what they want the public to know.  Logan's subtle use of words to psychologically form the wrong opinion is absolutely why we the people do not get real news from MSCM! 

Logan's suggestion that Hastings is a liar:  Hastings, Logan said, “if you believe him.”  

Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone is a true journalist and we thank him for reporting as it should be.  If only we the American people had more reporters of the same fabric as Michael Hastings.


Grassley Asks Kagan: Didn't God Give Us The Right To Bear Arms? (video)  And it wasn't a "trick" question.  Sadly the past few years have called Senator Grassley's actions seriously into question.  Is senility affecting the things he says and does?  Is he emotionally equipped to serve in the Senate?

Hooray, Hallelujah, and the truth shall overcome the Repuglican lies:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Wednesday accused Republicans of being out of touch with the struggles of ordinary Americans, railing against one House lawmaker's apology to BP oil and another's criticism of Wall Street overhaul legislation. 

The Repuglicans created this mess in America and they want to continue the destruction.  Seems to me you don't have to travel to the Middle-East to confront insurgency, we have the Party of no, the Repuglican insurgents right here at home.

The irony that's developed in and out of the tea party -- all those partiers collecting Social Security benefits who can afford to attend the protests because they do collect those benefits are voting for people who would eliminate Social Security and Medicare!  Go figure.