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Friday, 02 July 2010 11:12

Why I Voted Against a War that Has No End, No Clear Mission and Increasing American Casualties

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The following is a statement from Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (Madison, Wisconsin) on why she voted against additional funding for the Afghan War (although the final vote was a bit more complicated and less clear cut, but BuzzFlash totally agrees with the statement.):

“It is time to bring our troops safely home from Afghanistan.

Last night, I voted against continued funding of a war in Afghanistan that has no end in sight, no clear mission, and increasing American casualties. 

In 2001, I voted in favor of authorizing the use of military force to ‘prevent future attacks of international terrorism against the United States’ because it was apparent, at the time, that al Qaeda used Afghanistan as a safe haven for its terrorist training camps and that the Taliban government in Afghanistan supported al Qaeda’s presence within its borders.

The al Qaeda terrorists whom we seek to kill or capture are no longer present in Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan is weak and corrupt.  Many parts of the country are governed by tribal leaders or lawless.  Opium production—and addiction—have increased significantly. 

This is now the longest war in American history.  And, after nearly nine years of fighting and hundred of billions of dollars spent, June marked the deadliest month for our troops in Afghanistan.  Instead of bringing this war to a just and reasonable end, the Obama Administration requested an additional $37 billion in supplemental war funding. 

Our country is facing extraordinary challenges and Americans are under tremendous economic stress.  Our first priority must be investments here at home to create jobs and put Americans back to work.

Nobody can question the bravery of our servicemen and women in harms way in Afghanistan.  We owe them a clear, achievable mission.  Lacking that, it is time to bring them safely home.”