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Thursday, 15 July 2010 03:59

Progressive News Site Truthout Welcomes BuzzFlash to Its Community: Collaboration Will Strengthen Progressive Voice

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July 15 (Sacramento, CA) – As of August 1st, BuzzFlash.com, its long-time editor, Mark Karlin, and all BuzzFlash content will be joining the Truthout nonprofit community. Karlin will continue to serve as editor of Buzzflash, but in a new role as a member of the Truthout staff.

“I am proud to be joining the prominent voice for the common good, Truthout.org, as an editor, and proud that BuzzFlash has found such a nationally-recognized new home," Karlin said. "I cannot tell you how much I admire Truthout for its substance, courage and unrelenting integrity. This collaboration will enable us to amplify our progressive voices together and strengthen the independent media movement.”

“These are urgent times for progressives. We must find new ways to speak loudly, cogently and with facts on our side,” said Maya Schenwar, Executive Director of Truthout. “The addition of BuzzFlash, which will be phased gradually into Truthout's site, is an example of our commitment to our readership. Truthout readers want a strong, vibrant voice for advancing equality, social and economic justice, accountability and change - and we intend to stay on the cutting edge of progressive Internet content.”

“Many progressives are experiencing a period of frustrating uncertainty," Schenwar added. "But Truthout is committed to achieving progressive goals through clear, compelling reporting; reader interaction and collaborative growth.”

Truthout.org and BuzzFlash.com are both progressive sites with 20 combined years of offering news and commentary for the public good. Together, they have reached and informed millions of readers. Truthout is a 501(c)3 organization (supported largely by tax-deductible donations) dedicated to providing independent news, analysis and opportunities for community interaction on a daily basis.

In order to remain free of bias and adhere to the highest standards, neither Truthout nor BuzzFlash have accepted advertising or corporate backing, allowing for complete journalistic independence. 

The inclusion of BuzzFlash is just one of many innovations that Truthout will be adding to its site over the next few months.