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Wednesday, 26 July 2006 01:08

In the real world, there are repercussions for incompetence. But Not in Bush world

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In the real world, there are repercussions for incompetence.

But not in Bush world.

After years of failure, the man who would be king announced yet another "new" plan to stop the death and bloodshed in Iraq.

We've said this before, but in the world of private business, no CEO could get away with this level of incompetence, ineptitude, failure and blockheadedness. As a stock price sinks to record levels, the CE0 is either fired or given a nice severance package and kicked out.

But not in America. We are stuck with the losers who stole the White House and rule through a barrage of propaganda, lies and wedge issue emotional manipulation.

And we have the evidence recorded for us. Take just two examples.

Before Hurricane Katrina hit, there is a video that we all have seen of Bush being briefed about the Hurricane. He didn't ask one question. He was just a passive player.

And then there is the recent tape of him having a "private conversation" with Tony Blair. In this tape, we learn that Bush's plan for stopping the Israeli-Hezbollah war was to tell Kofi Annan to tell Hezbollah to stop their "shi*." And, ever the puppet, Bush thought "Condi" might be going out "there" [to Lebanon and Israel], but he didn't seem certain. It was as though it was a decision that he was just being informed about, not one that he was making. And this is probably usually the case.

Of course, after being informed by an intelligence aide in August, 2001, that al-Qaeda planned attacks in the United States, Bush's response was irritation that his vacation plans might be disrupted, followed by more vulgarity. As journalist Robert Parry noted:

"The CIA tried to warn Bush about the threat on Aug. 6, 2001, with the hope that presidential action could energize government agencies and head off the attack. The CIA sent analysts to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, to brief him and deliver a report entitled 'Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US.'

"Bush was not pleased by the intrusion. He glared at the CIA briefer and snapped, 'All right, you’ve covered your ass,' according to [Ron] Suskind’s book.

"Then, putting the CIA’s warning in the back of his mind and ordering no special response, Bush returned to a vacation of fishing, clearing brush and working on a speech about stem-cell research."

As we have pointed out many a time, Bush just might have prevented 9/11 from happening if he had ordered heightened security steps to prevent hijackings after the August, 2001, briefing, but he was too eager to relax on his month-long vacation.

As Maureen Dowd observes in her July 26 column: "That's what is so frustrating about watching him deal - or not deal - with Iraq and Lebanon. There's almost nothing to watch. It's not even like watching paint dry, since that, too, is a passage from one state to another. It's like watching dry paint."

And America and the world suffer as a result.