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Monday, 13 September 2010 08:36

Senator Bernie Sanders: End Tax Breaks for the Wealthy Calls Extension ‘Dumbest Thing We Could Possibly Do’

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The following is a news release from Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is also a BuzzFlash Reader:

WASHINGTON, September 13 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the longest serving independent in Congress, today disagreed with the other Senate independent, Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.), on renewing Bush-era tax cuts for the rich and he blasted Republican plans to filibuster middle-class tax cuts.

“At a time when this nation has a $13 trillion national debt and a widening gap between the very rich and everyone else, the dumbest thing we could possibly do is to provide hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to some of the wealthiest people in America,” Sanders said.

Sanders also commented on Senate Republicans’ plans to filibuster any effort to renew soon-to-expire Bush administration tax cuts for the middle class unless tax breaks also are renewed for the wealthiest taxpayers.

“It is an outrage that the Republican leader in the Senate has pledged to filibuster legislation that would provide tax relief to 98 percent of American workers and their families.  The Democratic leadership has got to stand up to this filibuster no matter how long it takes. 

“Senate Republicans should not be allowed to hold middle class tax cuts hostage in order to give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires – especially when the gap between the very rich and everyone else is growing wider,” Sanders said.

In Vermont town meetings during the August recess, Sanders proposed dividing the $700 billion in increased revenue generated by not renewing tax breaks for the top 2 percent of taxpayers between deficit reduction and rebuilding roads, bridges and water systems.