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Monday, 18 October 2010 03:56

Holder Claims He Will "Enforce" Anti-Marijuana Laws No Matter What. Uh, What's He Smoking?

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Attorney General Eric Holder has his priorities wrong what he says that he is going to "vigorously enforce" federal marijuana laws calling it a "core priority". Statement like that makes me wonder, "What's this guy smoking?" Maybe the justice department should make catching the criminals that ripped off the banking system a core priority? Or make prosecuting the criminals in the Bush administration who got us into a war in Iraq through falsifying evidence a core priority? Maybe the should make going after Meth labs, drugs that really are dangerous, a core priority?

If Eric Holder thinks that going after pot smokers in California is a core priority then he has the wrong core priorities. I say that if the attorney general doesn't have a clue about priorities then he should be looking for a new job. Tell the Feds they have better things to do than wasting tax dollars on prosecuting marijuana smokers.