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News from the DNC:

Washington, DC - As Vice President Cheney again rolls out the Republican smear machine, Americans have made it clear that they are tired of the blustery rhetoric that is a hallmark of the inept and dangerous foreign policies of the Bush Administration. President Bush's mishandling of the War in Iraq and America's subsequent disengagement from a host of military and diplomatic confrontations around the world highlight the fact that his policies have made America less safe. And at home, the Bush White House and the "Do-Nothing" Republican Congress have not done enough to keep our borders and or ports secure.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006 06:43

DNC: Leaks Still Roving Around The White House

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News from the DNC:

Washington, DC - In his column today, Robert Novak finally admitted that Karl Rove was a confirming source for his story that revealed the identity of a covert CIA operative during a time of war. Specifically, Novak wrote that Rove talked to him about the agent's identity by "confirming his primary source's information." This new development contradicts previous White House assertions that Bush's staff was not involved in the leaking of the classified information and breaks the President's promise to fire anyone found to have taken part in the leak.

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