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Friday, 25 August 2006 09:24

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 25, 2006


Subject: Pay Attention, Kkkarl Rove Is Tipping His Hand

Pay attention, this is a very rare opportunity for Democrats. KKKarl is tipping his hand and showing us just one of his many dirty tricks in an effort to curb a massive shift in political power in November. He knows that the Democrats will use the issue of the lack of National Security to illustrate that the reTHUGs are lacking any plans to keep us safe. He thinks he can use his dirty little trick of grounding many planes and few if any will thwart any plot. He is using porn and pedophilia as an emotional tool to erode law abiding citizens' civil liberties. Media will play along making them a large show. We can expect to see it played out time and again until election time.

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Thursday, 24 August 2006 06:22

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 24, 2006 Part 2


This is Part 2 of the August 24, 2006 BuzzFlash Mailbag. Click here for Part 1.

Subject: Author of Bush's Brain on No Fly List (dailykos)

Dear Buzz,

Sounds to me like the fascist state is becoming ever bolder in their abuses. You know none of us is safe when they put James Moore, author of Bush's Brain, and Air America Radio talk show host Randi Rhodes on the no fly list.

How long can we sit still for these flagrant abuses of our civil liberties? It's as if they don't have any worries about having to answer for this despotic behavior -- maybe because the voting machines will continue to rig the elections.

Hendersonville NC

[BuzzFlash Note: This article was posted in January, 2006.]

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Thursday, 24 August 2006 01:33

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 24, 2006 Part 1


Subject: Thank You Judge Anna Diggs Taylor

This website was launched to offer support for the Honorable Anna Diggs Taylor. We feel she is yet another example of a great American patriot and civil servant working to protect the rights we all cherish. Unfortunately, Judge Taylor's objectivity and professional reputation will likely be disparaged by those who choose loyalty to a corrupt Bush Administration over critical thinking and the rule of law as defined by the United States Constitution. Please offer her your support by signing our guest book and taking a moment to learn more about her and her landmark ruling against the Bush Administration.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2006 05:52

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 23, 2006


Subject: 14 'Enduring Bases' Set in Iraq

Dear Buzz,

14 `enduring bases' set in Iraq: Long-term military presence planned (Chicago Tribune, March 23, 2004/globalsecurity.org)

I think it's quite evident from the article above (and many others like it), that the REAL reason we don't plan to leave Iraq -- ever -- is that we expect to dominate the entire area with our many military bases in Iraq.

How many stories have we read about the fact the contractors work 24/7 on our bases, using power that the Iraqi citizens desperately need? Is it any wonder they hate us?

Somehow we need to spread the word that this is the real reason we're not leaving Iraq. How many Americans even know about this?

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Tuesday, 22 August 2006 10:01

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 22, 2006


Subject: 2600+

The U.S. troop fatality count has quietly passed 2600 this month. The mainstream media showed great discretion in not mentioning it in favor of endless discussion of a little girl who has been dead for 10 years.

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This is Part 2 of the August 21, 2006 BuzzFlash Mailbag. Click here for Part 1.

Subject: America the Titanic

I'm a disciple of certain movies, particularly those which demonstrate the admirable qualities of man. And especially films that are based on a true story. So tonight when ABC broadcast "Apollo 13," I was on board for the flight. Many of us are old enough to remember the event as it occurred. It wasn't long after the televised moon landing that Jim Lovell and his crew faced the difficulty of a major malfunction in space, thousands of miles from Earth. They lost their chance to walk on the moon, but they showed courage and determination in the face of short survival odds.

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Subject: Lamont and Lieberman

Wolf Blitzer on CNN today stated that Ned Lamont has been dropping in the polls since Joe Sleezerman filed as an independent.

Joe Lieberman's reaction to losing the election reminds me of the oft-related tale of the scorpion which, having stung to death the rabbit which had carried him across the river, explained "That's just the kind of s.o.b. I am!"

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Friday, 18 August 2006 05:05

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 18, 2006


Subject: WHY is the Dept. of Homeland Security involved in the arrest of John Mark Karr?

Dear Buzz,

I do NOT pretend to have any special knowledge about the confession of John Mark Karr to the JonBenet Ramsey murder ... but this whole thing has the smell of a false confession to me.

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Thursday, 17 August 2006 03:14

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 17, 2006


Subject: Why Are You Helping Them with Their Propaganda?

Bush Dismisses the Idea of Partitioning Iraq. It's Too Reasonable of An Option for Him.

Thanks for continuing to further PNAC plans.

"There IS NO MORE IRAQ. There will be three territories." -- Kissinger, caught briefing his Saudi clients IN EARLY 2004.

Get your heads out of your keesters, Buzz. You're selling their thinly-veiled plan to keep four major airbases and a citadel larger than the Vatican in former Iraq.

•Partition is not A LEGAL POWER OF AN ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING ARMY up to its neck in massive war crimes.

Please make a note of it. I still send people to your site, and that is going to END if you don't realize you're aiding the enemy.

Los Angeles

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Wednesday, 16 August 2006 07:57

BuzzFlash Mailbag for August 16, 2006


Subject: A Couple Quotes from Today

In an interview with David Gregory, Ken Mehlman said: “There's nothing more important to me, as you know, than electing Republicans. It's what I spend my life doing. It's my passion.”

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