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Bush nominee Jerome Holmes was confirmed today 67-30 by the Senate to be a federal judge for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Holmes, who is African-American, is considered to be heavily conservative and is openly anti-affirmative action, much like Justice Clarence Thomas.


How ironic that Bush is so concerned about trying to get Democracy to spread throughout the Middle East. And to think how Bush has done everything possible to pull the rug out from under our feet with our own Democracy!


We all know about the various ways that George Bush has broken the law. It's fair to say at this point that he's actually a career criminal since illegality has become such a staple of his presidency. However, various powerful groups have started turning up the heat on his blatant attempts to declare himself dictator.

The Supreme Court case striking down Bush's Guantanamo Bay tribunals is still fresh in our minds, where a majority of Justices declared that there is in fact some limit to his wartime powers (namely, the Constitution). Valerie Plame is suing for the leaking of her CIA identity, and a number of groups are suing phone companies for complying with NSA wiretapping. These are just a few of the pending legal actions against Bush's corruption.


It was quite a performance the President put on at the G- 8 Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russia this year. If you, like me, understand the phrase “quite a performance” to mean “whoa, dude, chill.” Maybe a switch to decaffeinated is in order. “Yo, Blair.” That’s how he hailed the Prime Minister of Great Britain at a photo op at the closing of the conference. “Yo Blair.” Sounds like how I might greet one of my friends, but you know what, I’m not the President of the United States of America at a major world summit. Which, as Martha Stewart says, is a good thing.


by Michael Winship

Last Thursday night, I was a guest at the screening of a new, first-rate, public television documentary, "Walter Cronkite: Witness to History," part of the PBS series, "American Masters." It airs Wednesday night, July 26 (check your local listings).

by Steven Jonas, MD, MPH

We liberals and progressives may someday get back into power, in both the Congress and the White House. Don't hold your breath, but even with the monstrously weak Democratic Party and the monstrously strong Republican cheating machine, it might conceivably happen. If it does, there will be a host of most important issues to deal with, ranging from restoring the Constitutional system of checks and balances, to re-establishing the Federal government in the role envisioned for it by the Preamble to the Constitution, to dealing with Iraq and the whole Middle East with a policy designed to achieve the best results for the people of the region, not the US oil companies. We will also need a new Federal stem cell research policy.

Utah Man Causes Controversy With Sign

by Tony Peyser  

As the parent of a special needs teenage son
I find this disgusting and will say so directly
Yet I'm impressed an ignorant bigot like this
Spelled a tricky word like "caution" correctly.  


* * *

Now that the ABA has finally acknowledged what we've all known for quite some time--Bush has broken the law and defied the Constitution--what exactly are the members of Congress going to do about it?  What's the Justice Department of the United States of America going to do about it?  What exactly do you think this tight ass Repuglican-appointed conservative Supreme Court will do about it?  Will it just be another fiasco for Poppy to mop up and allow his moron of a son to slide out of and forget?  What ever happened to that popular Repuglican phrase, "tough love"? Obviously Poppy and Bar never heard it!


Somewhere along the line, the Democratic leadership forgot that you win by winning. For the Republicans, that is all there is to politics -- that and then permanently maintaining power.


by Peter Phillips

A new study conducted at Sonoma State University shows widespread bias in Associate Press (AP) news reports favoring US government positions.

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