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This is really what set off the resistance movement -- American brutality. At first, all Iraqis, Sunni and Shia, were willing to accept the Americans. They were hopeful. ... Nobody liked Saddam, and people were willing to give the Americans a chance. But it was just a brutal, Draconian occupation that pushed more and more Iraqis, Sunni or Shia, into accepting violence as the only way to deal with the Americans. And there was such American arrogance -- just dismissing people from their jobs, telling the Iraqis that the Koran would not be a source of law, legislating not only what the country would look like politically, but also culturally trying to change Iraq. These sorts of things just infuriated Iraqis, and it was only a question of time.

Sunday, 09 July 2000 18:38


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Yes, we're posting a news analysis that actually emphasizes a couple of signs of hope! We're even surprising ourselves. First, we were watching Robert Greenwald's latest fab documentary, "The Big Buy," and we realized this: Tom DeLay was forced to give up running Congress. It took awhile to sink in ("The Big Buy" is about DeLay's fall from power) what an incredible milestone this was. DeLay appeared as permanent and unstoppable as Bush and Cheney. He was, indeed, the Cheney of the House of Representatives, ruling through secrecy, corruption, ruthlessness and fear. He appeared as untouchable as Stalin in his prime. But due to an unrelenting prosecutor in Austin -- and the burgeoning Abramoff scandal at the federal level -- DeLay became a liability for the Busheviks. It seemed unthinkable two years ago that DeLay would ever voluntarily resign, but it did happen. That is cause for hope. Our second little ray of democracy sunshine has to do with the state of radical Republican politics in Kansas. (Just look at its two U.S. GOP Senators -- Pat Roberts, who has singlehandedly undermined American Constitutional government by refusing to investigage any of Bush's intelligence misdeeds, and extreme Christian fundamentalist Sam Brownback) If you read the article below, you will see that some sane Republican elected officials (there are a few) in Kansas are switching to the Democratic Party because they can no longer associate with the right wing Jihad wing of the GOP. This is in part due to the persuasive political work of the Democratic Governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius. Her current running mate for Lt. Governor is the former Chairman of the Kansas Republican Party. He's now a Democrat. When the fundamentalist, radical wing of the Republican Party starts driving State GOP Charimen into the Democratic camp, there may, indeed, be something happening out there. And Sebelius is no wimpy Democratic. When the legislature passed an NRA bill to allow people to carry hidden handguns in Kansas, she didn't do the usual craven Democratic "centrist" thing and sign it. She vetoed it. Her veto was eventually overridden, but she took a stand. Apparently, that's what Kansans are looking for in a Democrat. So are we.

A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL In case you aren't reading BuzzFlash everyday, Joe Lieberman is in danger of losing the Democratic primary for Senate in Connecticut this summer. So how do the bigwigs at the entrenched Democratic Senate Club react to such a possibility? Well, starting with Charles Schumer (head of the Democratic Senate Re-election Campaign (DSCC)), they indicate that they might support Lieberman even if he loses the Democratic primary! Schumer is apparently sympathetic to the viewpoint that democracy doesn't decide candidates; he does. That's a strange viewpoint for the senator from New York who is leading an effort to elect senators who uphold the will of the people against a tyrannical regime.
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