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A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Barely noticed this week was this news item: A Senate Committee, on a tie vote, failed to pass out a measure that would preserve the pro-democracy concept of "Net Neutrality." The House has already defeated "Net Neutrality" and opened the net up to the predatory practices of Telecom companies. BuzzFlash wrote several commentaries and headlines denouncing the progressive websites who took money to post misleading and deceptive ads from theTelecom lobby. Many of them not only posted one ad, but posted two or three in succession, for weeks. Many of them responded to critics with inane and self-serving excuses that were as ludicrous as the double-talk that these same sites denounce the right wing for making.
Friday, 30 June 2006 12:07

Darkness at Noon for Democracy

A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Ideology doesn't matter. You are a tyrannical thug whether you are Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, or Francisco Franco. And Cheney and his Puppet Bush are thugs in that infamous tradition. People who are utter failures in executing policy often rise to power because they are experts at brutally seizing power and silencing dissent. It is the law of the political jungle. Kill off dissent -- and no one can expose your wretched failures. Democrats on the Hill who still harbor an idea that what is going on is about an alleged "war on terrorism" or fight for liberty or "victory" in Iraq are in need of a new prescription for their glasses.
A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL Perhaps BuzzFlash has standards that are too high. After all, we keep saying judgments about the Iraq War should not be considered as a political "left vs. hawk" tennis match of opinions. As John Murtha, a hawk, best articulates, this should be a debate over competence and reality. For the third time in recent editorials, we are pointing out today that the U.S. is closing in on embracing Vietnam as a member of the capitalist country club, by sponsoring it for the World Trade Organization. As we have pointed out, it makes you wonder how any fools -- like Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush -- still claim we "lost" the Vietnam War because of a lack of resolve.
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