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Friday, 25 August 2006 06:54

Jimmy Lohman: If You Hate America, You Have to Love Bush

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by Jimmy Lohman

A caller to the Randi Rhodes show on Air America Radio yesterday ranted about how Randi hates America. "You only criticize and never say anything good about our country. Why do you live here, anyway?" he asked. As always, Randi deftly handled the poor fool, insisting that it is her love of America that compels her to criticize the horrid administration at the top of it.

A true patriot cannot be silent while George W. Bush destroys the United States of America. Those who confront Bush and his regime of death and disease do so out of an abiding love for humanity and the values this nation purports to hold dear. It is those who support Bush's draconian policies who are anti-American. After all, it is they who happily trample the constitution, revel in the defilement of our natural resources, abandon the maintenance of our vital infrastructures, disdain pubic education, debase scientific advancement, flout governmental ethics and consciously subvert democracy. Those who stand with Bush stand with him in destroying America.

Bush has created billions of enemies of America and has galvanized them into a major world force. When Bush took office, the United States was held in high esteem. Bill Clinton could go anywhere in the world and be greeted by hordes of admirers and fans waving American flags. Bush can not go anywhere without causing a riot.

If the paramount goal of the Bush administration were to destroy America, there is truly nothing more they could be doing to accomplish that goal, day after agonizing day. They have plundered the treasury. They have misappropriated literally trillions of public dollars -- precious resources that could be spent on good things like schools and hospitals, housing, roads, bridges, communication systems, parks, environmental clean-up, food, research, technical advancement. These desperately needed monies have been squandered, stolen, wasted and poured into machines of death and destruction, funneled into the fathomless dirty pockets of corrupt unaccountable evil corporations and fly-by-night, get-it-while-you-can companies that thrive on human misery and misfortune. Just look at our beautiful beloved New Orleans.

What these guys are about is everything that is bad. They are the culmination and personification of the worst and most vile attributes in the human DNA code. They are evil incarnate.

Anyone who truly hates America has to love Bush. After all, he is single-handedly bringing shame and ignominy to our land and our people. He is degrading us. He is killing us. He has eradicated our global standing. He has rendered us morally bankrupt. He has gutted our credibility. He has broken our bank and our back.

Bush ran for office as the great "uniter." Of course, within our borders he has been anything but -- dividing us from each other on every imaginable basis: race, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, political afffiliation. Beyond our shores he has truly been a uniter -- uniting almost the entire world against us.

The repudiation of Joe Lieberman is an encouraging beginning to what will hopefully amount to the ultimate defeat of Bushism by those who truly care about both America and the rest of the world. True patriots are those who passionately want to salvage what is left of our constitutional democracy and build our country back up. The true patriots are those of us who will do whatever it takes to get our country back from the Bush-Cheney coup that is clearly trying to destroy it.


Jimmy Lohman is a human rights lawyer and musician in Austin, Texas, and an occasional contributor to BuzzFlash.com.