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Friday, 03 November 2006 06:52

No Threats, No Terrorists, No Wars -- Without Armed Enemies

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How long should the Bush administration get away with their shenanigans by always claiming stupidity? We have to sue to get the papers of secret meetings by Cheney and information regarding 911. Bush resealed the papers of his father (shouldn't have been allowed to do this) George H. W. Bush, and President Reagan ... and even then, a group of partisan judges are able to stop that information from becoming public, or maybe it just gets shredded. Much of the regular government information to the public has been taken down from the Internet because of the Bush administration ... it's the public's right to know. The most secretive administration ever to supposedly work for the American people.

But, weaponry? Now, that's another subject. Even the NRA thinks every man, woman, and child in the US should be packing a gun, and our children should be protecting themselves with their thick school books, which is about the kind of respect and use for school books we would expect from any Bush Republican today who would say such a remark. When hearing such idiocy, we don't know what that person did with their books, but we know they weren't taken too seriously. Lives of our children mean nothing ... these are common, everyday sales pitches for gun manufacturers. Selling death for profit, just like in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon (US sold the weapons used), and any other places in the world making a buck selling death.

It was the US who armed and used bin Laden. It was the US who armed and used Saddam. It's been Bush who has created the problems with Korea and other nations who fear Bush's treasonous policies of preemptive strikes against any country they (Bush GOP) "think" might be a threat to the US. Because of this warring Bush regime, today, countries around the world think the US has become the worst threat for peace. Should we be surprised to learn that many of these countries have begun again to build up their own stash of killing machines in order to protect themselves from the US?

U.S. Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Primer - The New York Times

The other irony is listening to these Right-Wing and Christian Coalition members who are selling their ideas for a "Right to Life" before election day. The hypocrisy of such claims! They couldn't care less about the lives Bush has killed and ruined during his criminal and treasonous attack on innocent people in Afghanistan for revenge after 911, and then to continue killing with his invasion/occupation of Iraq. (Of course, as we learned from watching New Orleans, there are many ways for a government to kill people without using weapons.) We don't hear anything about trying to save those lives ... it's all about a woman's right to choose and have power over her own body ... but, these poor women who would be forced to have these children, even women whose lives are in danger or those who have become pregnant from rape ...

Of course, many could be the future fodder for more of the Republican wars. These children are more likely to grow up very poor, quit an underfunded school, will not find a job, but will be treated like kings and queens for joining the US military, which is the only alternative left to them, except for our US prisons. Those are full of many people spending time for petty crimes ... because they aren't working for the US government where killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people without thought of any type of punishment is being allowed today, even as I speak.

But, what good is a military if they don't have a war to fight and how can the Bush GOP have continuing wars without well-armed enemies? How can they justify attacking countries because they are a nuclear threat to the US, if these countries haven't a clue as to how to build such weapons?

Why anyone would think of voting for any politician who supports such a criminally irresponsible regime ... that is the real mystery today. We can't get records of secret meetings of the people who work for this country, or even those general statistics and information about our own country ... but, if anyone out there wants to build a nuclear weapon ... the Bush GOP is quite accommodating.

These self-satisfied, swaggering chickenhawks in the Bush administration just love war as long as somebody else is doing the fighting and the dying for them ... and they pocket the results. Debt, death, and destruction ... how's that for a way to make a living ... the kind of money that can afford one to have a lifestyle most can't even imagine, where they can buy yachts, ranches in other countries, and political favors. How can our flag and this country ever recover from such dishonor?

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith