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Wednesday, 06 December 2006 01:01

Republicans Planning More Sabotage of Incoming Democratic Congress with Divisive Social Issues; Futile Vote on Abortion Fails

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On Monday, BuzzFlash reported that the outgoing Republican Congress is trying to sabotage the newly elected Democratic majorities by leaving nine of the eleven major annual appropriations bill for them to pass, collectively worth some half trillion dollars. Democrats will have to deal with this unfinished business before they can even think about instituting the new agenda the American people just voted for, leaving Republicans able to whine that the Democrats suddenly increased spending.

But the Republicans have other tricks up their sleeves. Having already met less than any Congress in at least five decades and deciding not to stay longer into December following their crushing defeat, the House Republican leadership miraculously found the time to schedule an abortion-related vote today. Because of their hurried procedure, the bill needed a two-thirds majority to pass, and even then could not have had the opportunity to pass in the Senate this term. Sure enough, the measure failed, just like they knew it would.

Republicans will not enjoy scheduling powers next Congress and will be severely limited in what bills they can bring up. But their attempts to bring up futile and divisive social issue votes are not behind us. Ultra-conservative Kansas Senator (and presidential contender) Sam Brownback has already said he will try to pass the same abortion bill by unanimous voice vote next year. "Somebody will object," said National Right to Life Committee's Douglas Johnson. "We want to know who that person is."

These people just don’t give up, and they don't understand that America is sick of this political squabbling. From a federal gay marriage ban to flag burning, we have had enough of contentious maneuvers on issues Republicans know won't pass while real issues like Iraq and the minimum wage are ignored.

This is not about bipartisanship or compromise. This is about a small overzealous band of belligerents who can't take a hint. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid must not let them hijack their Congress.