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Wednesday, 27 September 2006 23:49

Second BuzzFlash Proposed Democratic Campaign Ad: "My Husband Fought to Give Our Grandchildren a Better Future."

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The Second in a Series of Democratic Campaign Ads BuzzFlash Would Like to See

Ad Title: "My Husband Fought to Give Our Grandchildren a Better Future."

(Grandmother planting flowers at GI tombstone of her husband, a WW II vet) "My husband dropped out of high school and volunteered for the army in 1942. Never even told his parents what he was going to do. He just said it was the right thing to do for his country."

(Grandmother at home giving granddaughter a cookie.)

"The war gave him a lot of nightmares that he didn’t talk about, but he said that he fought for the future of America and his future family. Now, I look at my grandchildren and wonder about THEIR future."

(Excerpt from television broadcast revealing that the government could spend up to a trillion dollars of taxpayer money in Iraq.)

"WW II seemed such a just and right war. But I don’t know about this one. It just seems so wrong and there were so many lies about it."

(Grandmother with granddaughter walking through a forest, holding hands.)

"I worry that our taxpayer money being spent in Iraq could be spent on better education for my five grandchildren. What about hometown security and education and jobs for my grandchildren?’

(Grandmother seeing grandchild off to school. Flag fluttering in the background.)

"We need a government who cares about Americans first, and spends money on our schools and the future of our children – not off in some foreign country."

(Close up of grandmother hugging her grandchild. Grandchild has backpack on. Then grandmother looks at camera.)

"That’s why this November, I am voting Democratic…for a change -- and for my grandchildrens’ future."


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