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Monday, 30 September 2013 07:20

Sen. Ted Cruz Hears Voices Like the Son of Sam Serial Killer Did

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After 21 hours of bluster from Senator Cruz it was hard to say what the point of the whole exercise was except to enhance his reputation in the eyes of right-wing supporters. At the very least he established that he had to be taken seriously because he has been featured on every main-stream news outlet and interviewed by every big name in the business.

He held up well whether he was making political points or reading Dr. Seuss; give him credit for staying power even if his cause was less celebrated than he might have hoped. He and pal, Utah’s Senator Lee, kept repeating their mantra that they were listening to the ‘voice of the people’ although people are always claiming they hear voices of one sort or another e.g. NYC’s notorious serial killer, son of Sam, who claimed to have been instructed by a demonic dog in his neighborhood. In this case Cruz and Lee are only talking about killing the affordable health care law or postponing its implementation for a year which is pretty much the same thing. “Not ready for prime time” they say, borrowing one of those over-used sobriquets used by unimaginative blowhards who think they’ve hit the verbal mother-lode.

In fact Republicans have become the masters of lemming culture following along behind one-another using the same speech habits, e.g. Democrat bills rather than the proper adjectival Democratic. If this were incidental it would be understandable, but it is obviously a party rule to which all members now subscribe. Likewise they stubbornly insist that newkuler is the correct pronunciation no matter how ignorant it makes them seem. 

During the ‘filibuster’ no interruptions were allowed, just questions. The problem was that questions became speeches, especially on the part of Republicans like Senator Inhofe who saw fit to inform the audience that he has twenty children and grandchildren as if that were a badge of honor, not one of them even slightly gay. Hallelujah. And Inhofe and Cruz waxed eloquent about their virtuous and no doubt long-suffering wives who overcame painful injuries to participate in the political appearances.

It is remarkable how much misinformation can be crammed into floor speeches that are in any case off point. For example does it make any sense to say that Democratic leaders should be forced to participate in the affordable care exchanges if they already receive adequate coverage? Never mind this is no time for logic.

(Photo: Gage Skidmore)