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Thursday, 19 October 2006 08:42

Silencing of the Precocious Lambs?

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One should never have to ask, "How low can Bush and his compatible comrades go?" because Bush and his administration took a dive and hit bottom before 911. Everything since that time is nothing more than added layers. Layer after layer, from the bottom up, of treasonous and criminal acts against this country, and so far, without any accountability. There is no standard because there has been no excellence to live up to in six long years.

f Bush can kill thousands of young people, children, and babies ... sending his SS to intimidate a US teenager, who has not been dumbed up by Republican educational propaganda, is nothing, except another way to get their kicks and a little press coverage wouldn't hurt, I suppose. Coverage that Bush should be ashamed of, but he doesn't have the sense to know better. We've had reports that teenagers were incarcerated in Guantanamo, and that never bothered Bush ... debt, death, and destruction has never bothered Bush ... why haven't people wondered what would bother Bush? Peace and goodwill. That would probably really be a bother to Bush, because he's never bothered to try and achieve either one.

We have heard the wrath of Republican adults, such as Coulter and Pat Robertson spewing hate and threatening violence against people ... do we see the Bush SS questioning them? Such raw threats are expected and so is the silence from the Bush White House when such threats come from any person known to be a Bush supporter. It's part of the package of prodigal pride practiced by this Bush White House.

Two agents pulled her out of class and interviewed her for 15 minutes to see if she was really a threat to President Bush.
Sacramento Teen Questioned By Secret Service  (KCRA.com  News)

If Bush's SS have the time to hunt down a 14 year old in order to intimidate her ... the GOP must need the press attention badly. This teenager could get to the "man in the moon," easier than she could ever get to Bush. No one can get to Bush (ask Korea and Iran) even to talk nuclear treaties with him.

How could anyone possibly think that this teenager posed any threat at all, and why should the taxpayers have to pay for such nonsense, and why should this teenager be subjected to such abuse? Yes, abuse. How many people remember what it was like to be just over 13 years old? And, how would you have felt at that age, being jerked out of a class by strangers and questioned about some fantasy you put up on a kid's computer site trying to impress your friends?

Americans should be given an account of how much is spent on Bush's protection, then they might understand that this was just to quiet precocious young people for having any kind of political opinions and actually demonstrating them. Young people should be encouraged to take an interest in their country and the political atmospheres that influence their lives ... such as wars for profit that can kill them before they have had a chance to live. The only people allowed to speak out in this society without punitive actions by Bush are those who constantly agree with him and kiss his royal, highrolling ass.

If this is all our secret service has to do, why do we need them? Evidently, Bush doesn't need them if they have such time to waste. However, if Bush really did feel threatened by this young girl, then he is the one who needs to be interviewed by a few people, starting with a physician. The US needs clear thinking, intelligent leadership from a person who doesn't feel threatened by a young girl's political fantasies ... threatened enough so that Bush sends his SS after her.

Any rational leadership would never have bothered, but a wannabe dictatorship would and the headlines and sensationalism such an act could cause couldn't hurt, especially during an election year. Of course, if we had such levelheaded, cognizant leadership, we wouldn't be in Iraq, tens of thousands of children would still be alive, playing and going to school, and one can only guess if 911 would have happened. Who needs protection from whom? Ask the world who they fear most in the world today, and then ask them why.

Just a thought,

Thanks BuzzFlash,

Shirley Smith