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Well here we are in another of those wasteful congressional meet-ups where endless talk adds up to meaningless partisan chatter - - another week of inflammatory rhetoric that lacks clarity and fails to define the main objectives of our national debate. How can so much sound and fury add up to so little substance and yet demand so much media attention? What makes the pretense that surrounds our political deliberations resonate in the minds of the electorate even when, in the aftermath of all the verbal nonsense, we are left asking ourselves ‘how's that again?"

There is growing concern about the part money plays in deciding our elections. Recent decisions that equate cash with free speech have turned our electoral processes into spending free-for-alls that fail to do justice to our system, no pun intended. Of equal concern should be the increasing emphasis on religion in our political world. However we came to occupy this twisted historical moment it is surely time we took ourselves out of the unhealthy fusion of religious fervor and ideological tumult.

Published in Ann Davidow
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