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Wednesday, 19 July 2006 03:25

They Promised the Contract With America -- and Just Gave Us Sh*t!

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In 1994, Newt Gingrich and the Radical GOP Promised Us a “Contract with America” – And All We Have Gotten, After 12 Years (to Quote George W. Bush) Is Sh*t!

The GOP are masters at marketing and emotional manipulation, but they don't know jacksh*t about governing, except for stuffing the pockets of the wealthy, themselves, and their GOP campaign contributors.

Newt, thrice-married (just like Limbaugh), is another failed GOP "visionary" who only appears more myopic and theatrical with every new "rehabilitation" of his punditry image by the lapdog D.C. media.

What makes Gingrich an authority, except failure and an outsized ego?

He joins a long line of exposed and disgraced GOP "visionaries," like Tom DeLay and Robert Livingston (the House leader who never was because he got caught bed hopping one two many times).

But we do hand it to the GOP. They know how to brand their message.

And Gingrich did something that Rahm Emanuel, despite his seasoned battle-tested experience with the Clinton campaign and administration, has no idea how to do: run a national campaign to take back the Congress.

Emanuel is trying to run local campaigns in seats that he has determined are "in play." That requires running a few dozen separate campaigns on separate issues.

It is true that all politics are local to a certain extent, but Gingrich's greatest skill was that he knew his access to the media and repetition of message relied on a national campaign to seize the Congress from the Democrats in 1994.

He set the groundwork with frivolous assaults on "Democratic corruption." Then he went to town with a clear, succinct (and totally disingenuous) document that created credibility (although it was a sham) with the public. Very few Americans read the "Contract," but the concept was a winner. This created the surge that overtook Congress for the GOP.

The Democrats, being Democrats, speak with diverse voices and themes.

The polls show the Democrats in a good position to take back the House. But they will only do so if they run a national campaign against the utter failure of one-party GOP rule.

They need packaging and the branding of a message that they repeat over and over again.

They need a message that reveals the Republicans for the failed liars and greedy SOBs that they are.

They need a message that Americans can relate to: that Republicans are losers for America. They had their chance, and they've failed the nation.

Since "The Contract With America" in 1994, they've only delivered -- to quote George W. Bush -- sh*t!

Heck, that's a message that every American can understand.