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Sunday, 22 October 2006 21:00

Third BuzzFlash Proposed Democratic Campaign Ad: "I Want It to be Morning in America Again."

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The Third in a Series of Democratic Campaign Ads BuzzFlash Would Like to See

Ad Title: "I want it to be Morning in America Again."


(Man walking in grazing field with horse)

"I want it to be morning in America again."

(Man walks in room and picks up helmet from military service.)

"I served our country proudly, but now I wonder what happened?"

(He looks at photo of some of his military buddies.)

"The GIs are doing their jobs, as they've always proudly done -- with courage and valor. They do right by America."

(He looks at photo of White House.)

"But it's our leaders who can't beat a bunch of guys with box cutters. Thousands of lives and billions of dollars later, it's only gotten worse. In Washington, they are the ones letting us down."

(Image of Bush vowing to get Osama dead or alive.)

"They shout and scream, but that's just to cover up for failure. Mr. Bush says that it will take him decades to defeat a bunch of third-world loonies. That's just not good enough."

(Walks in sunlit field.)

"If you can't get your man in five years, it's time to move on and let some people with fresh ideas takeover."

"I want it to be morning in America again. That's why I'm voting Democratic this November...for a change."


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