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Monday, 03 March 2014 09:28

TransCanada Toxic Sludge Propaganda Floods Media, As Hundreds Arrested for Trying to Save the Earth

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astoptar(Photo: someones.life)As hundreds of activists were arrested (in front of the White House) Sunday protesting the proposed new northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, the "toxic sludge" propaganda of its owner, TransCanada, is flooding the media.
First, here is some background.
BuzzFlash reported last week that while the focus of activists trying to save planet Earth has been on the new northern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, Canadian tar sands oil have already started to flow through the current older pipeline to Cushing, Oklahoma, and from there through the brand new sourthern leg of the Keystone pipeline that President Obama eagerly approved awhile back.  Tar sands oil, as we reported last year, has also flowed through other pipeline systems, causing massive spills in Michigan and Arkansas.
In short, the notion that stopping the new Keystone XL pipeline northern branch will keep tar sands oil out of the US is false.  The tar sands crude is already flowing into the US, just not at the volume its producers want in order to create more profit.  The increased damage to our atmosphere due to Alberta tar sands oil being transported via pipelines is already underway, as we again emphasized in a BuzzFlash at Truthout commentary last week, "First Canadian Tar Sands Oil Flows Through Southern Keystone XL Pipeline as Senators Warn of Cancer Risks."
What the new northern segment of the Keystone pipeline would alllow is greater flow capacity (meaning more tar sands oil processed and more destruction of the atmosphere through the release of carbon at the source).
So as hundreds of individuals concerned about the survival of planet Earth are cuffed and arrested, TransCanada and the fossil fuel industry are pouring millions and millions of dollars into advertising in major media to influence President Obama's decision on the northern segment.  You can find the core propaganda that is split up into individual ads on the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline key public relations web page, "Straight Talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline." (We can't resist the urge to rename the page, "Crooked Talk about the Keystone XL Pipeline: Toxic Sludge in Action.")
The onslaught of PR salvos urging construction of the new Keystone north also include euphemistic sounding front groups, such as "Energy Citizens: Because Energy is Our Way of Life."  According to the Center for Media and Democracy's Sourcewatch, "Energy Citizens is a front group backed by the American Petroleum Institute, the main trade group and lobbying arm of the oil industry, to fight climate change legislation currently working its way through Congress."
In response to the massive protest and acts of civil disobedience at the weekend protests at the White House, Reuters quotes a pro-Keystone spokesperson:
"Today's protest represents a fringe minority of people against any use of fossil fuels," said Matt Dempsey of Oil Sands Fact Check. "This extreme position is well outside the American mainstream. Even President Obama says we need an "all of the above" approach to energy. As a result, today's protest does little but expose the extreme nature of these last remaining Keystone XL opponents."
EcoNews describes Oil Sands Fact Check as "a direct parallel to another currently existing industry shale gas industry front group, Energy in Depth (EID), outed by DeSmogBlog last year as a front for Big Oil and Big Gas."
Given that it's been a banner year for Biblical strength warnings of an Earth ecosphere becoming increasingly volatile and destructive due, in large part, to carbon released from the planet's crust, the tar sands oil "toxic sludge" propaganda is rampaging through the media like a bull in a China shop -- only this China shop is called Earth.
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