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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 06:11

Welcome to the New Enhanced BuzzFlash at Truthout: Reader Tips

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abuzzorigThe original BuzzFlash, founded in 2000. (Photo: liberalmind1012)In response to reader input, Truthout has enhanced its BuzzFlash sites.  The new and updated options offer a more diverse and interactive experience combined with a streamlined contemporary look. 

In case you have been wondering about some of the features now available to you, here is a partial list of what you can expect on a daily basis:

1) There are now breaking streaming headlines that scroll across the top of the site.  Just click one that interests you and it will open into a full story.  You can also advance or review the headlines by clicking the arrows on either side of the bar in which they appear. (You need to place the cursor over the right or left end of the bar to see the arrows appear.)

2) You can rate stories by placing the cursor over the number of stars you believe that the story deserves and left clicking twice.  The star rating adjusts with each reader vote. Please note that you can only award each story a star rating once.  This is done to prevent a single reader skewing the ratings by voting multiple times on the same article.

3) The videos are back! Yes, after a long hiatus (due to third party software issues) , Truthout has brought back the videos -- and now four will be offered everday. You can also view past videos by clicking "Video Archive" in the top section options (to the left of "Donate Today").  Share them with your social networks.

4) Below the main headline, you can search by periods of time for the most recently posted articles.

5) The BuzzFlash at Truthout commentary section has received a more readable and contemporary makeover.  Many of our commentaries receive from one thousand to five thousand facebook likes.

6) The sites are now dynamically designed to resize and adjust to most viewing devices, regardless of size.

There are more changes that improve the BuzzFlash at Truthout reader experience, including changing the typeface color of headlines to blue on white (making it easier on the eye).

Should you have feedback or questions (or come across any glitches), we invite you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

As always, tips and articles of interest you have come across are also always welcome.

Truthout and BuzzFlash at Truthout look forward to your continued partnership in the Truthout news community.