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Sunday, 05 November 2006 09:10

What is Your Prediction About the Election? Let Other BuzzFlash Readers Know

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Make your election outcome predictions in the coment section below this BuzzFlash News Analysis.


First of all, before we get into the punditry, don’t stop doing whatever you might be working on to get out the vote for Democrats. Don’t stop until the polls close and you see that the doors are locked!

Do not let prognostications or predictions influence your activity to stop the theft of our democracy.

Together, we have been through this fire drill for three election cycles now, only to end up in abysmal disappointment. We can’t stop them from stealing elections, but we can stop them from winning them.

That’s what democracy is all about.

With that preface in mind, here’s the totally "take it for what it’s worth" BuzzFlash prediction. (But remember, you have the power to change predictions by getting the maximum number of Democratic voters to the polls.) We don’t fashion ourselves pundits, just people with some thoughts on the election outcome, like the rest of you.

Even with the last minute Sunday evening polls showing some GOP resurgence, the House is highly likely to go Democratic. There are just too many elections at grave risk in the House for the GOP to win enough or steal enough to maintain control of the House. (Again, that’s our opinion. History will be written by the voters and the GOP vote counters, not BuzzFlash.)

We caught snarling Cheney being tossed softball questions by George S. on ABC Sunday morning. In an interesting exchange, George asked him if he or Bush would appear under subpoena before Congress if the Democrats took control of the House. Cheney didn’t dismiss the Dems taking control; instead, he indicated that executive privilege would be the excuse that he and Bush would give for not appearing before the House.

Trying to figure our the real meaning of a Bushevik’s words is often like trying to decipher those old Kremlin photos to figure out where people were on the power scale by their position in the shot. But, call it an intuitive moment. We just sensed, perhaps incorrectly, that Cheney had given up on holding the House.

If that is the case, the full force of GOP efforts will be to retain the Senate, which they have a good shot at doing. The Democrats need too many pickups – and too many states appear unresolved as of Sunday evening. There is even some indication that Chafee, who is pretending to run against Bush as a Republican, has picked up in Rhode Island. (If you live in Rhode Island, don’t fall for Chafee’s baloney. If he can’t stand Bush’s policies, let him become a Democrat. This is about control of the Senate, not Chafee’s mushy, contrived "moderateness.")

The last polls are breaking slightly Republican, so it will be hard to pick up all the seats needed to reach 51 in the senate. Yes, it’s still possible, but it will be daunting.

Some races are over: Santorum, Thank God, is history in PA. And Sherrod Brown, a progressive Dem, will win in a Dem blowout in Ohio (that is likely to pick up a few Congressional seats for the Dems). But Montana, Missouri, Virginia and now Rhode Island appear up for grabs. There’s some doubt about Maryland, but we’re giving that to the Dems. And New Jersey will stay Democratic for the senate.

Tennessee seems to be going against Ford now, so, if that is the case, then the Dems have quite a hill to climb to win 51.

Remember, if they just get to 50, Cheney breaks the tie. And don’t count on any power-sharing agreement again. And also, there’s the question that if it’s tied at 50, will Lieberman declare himself an independent (officially he is running as one) affiliated with the Republicans to get a committee assignment?

The senate is more important than the House to the Busheviks, because the next Supreme Court Justice will be determined by the Senate. And they need the courts desperately to uphold their torture, secrecy, non-compliance with Congressional laws, and expected defiance of House investigations.

The Busheviks have already likely factored in that they can keep a Dem House tied up in knots through controlling the Senate, the Supreme Court and the rest of the federal judiciary.

So if they are going to fix votes big time, watch for it to be in a senate race or two.

In short, the remaining resources of the Busheviks and the RNC are going to go massively into holding the Senate, because that is also their key to the Supreme Court. And they are only one vote away – maybe not even that – from being granted virtually unrestricted "unitary" or executive branch authority, akin to a virtual dictatorship.

Bottom line prediction: House to the Dems; Senate stays Republican but Dems pick up a number of seats (Republicans will still control Committees and agenda, alas); and the Supreme Court gets another Bushevik "unitary authority" executive justice and partisan hack judges on the federal bench to uphold the White House violations of the Constitution and Congressional laws.

Of course, the voters can help restore democracy and make the senate Democratic, so remember, we are just predicting. We hope that we are wrong about the senate.

Okay, now is your chance to tell us what is your prediction?

Comment away below.