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Thursday, 01 February 2018 07:16

Will Mike Cernovich's New "New Reich" Replace Spencer's Alt-Reich?

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Man holds sign saying "Alt-Right Delete"(Photo: Blink O'fanaye)BILL BERKOWITZ FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT

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Move over Alt-Reichsters: A new "New Right" is looking to make headway among the disenchanted, embittered and disgruntled young right-wingers, and nerdy trollsters disillusioned with the alt-right. While Mike Cernovich's "Night For Freedom," was supposed to be light on offensiveness, and heavy on mainstreaming – which included adherence to a strict dress code -- when a gaggle of right-wing provocateurs and social media personalities show up, offensiveness remains the coin of the realm.    

As People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch recently reported, "The self-described 'New Right' -- a Trump-loving, anti-feminist, anti-'social justice warrior' online movement that has branded itself as separate from the explicitly white supremacist alt-right -- held a party in Manhattan … in its latest attempt to move its efforts into the real world and to find an identity beyond its shared disgust for 'political correctness' and support for President Trump."

The event, which was attended by some 650-+ people paying between $139 to $999, depending on how close ticketholders might get to the headline speakers,was organized by Mike Cernovich, who is described by Right Wing Watch as "a Pizzagate conspiracy theorist who has disavowed the alt-right and attempted to distance himself from his former support for the movement."

Vanity Fair's Tina Nguyen went a little deeper regarding Cernovich, or "Cerno," as he is also known: "The former club child and lifestyle guru, whose strident views on masculinity (and Pizza-gate) inadvertently led him into the Trump-era political-media complex, now commands a following of Internet trolls who excuse his conspiracy-minded leanings as long as he picks vicious Twitter fights with mainstream celebrities and journalists."

"Before he became involved in the strange Internet world of MAGA, Cernovich told [Nguyen], he was a party animal, constantly raging in nightclubs in Cabo and Vegas -- a pursuit that would seemingly have bewildered the majority of A Night for Freedom guests. The event brought to mind a tame high-school prom, had that prom been populated by men's-rights activists, cryptocurrency anarcho-capitalists, and Gorilla Mindset fanboys, and featured intense drunken jeering against identity politics, liberalism, and select members of the Fake News Media (whom Cernovich, in all his calculated generosity, had invited as well)."

Cernovich's "A Night for Freedom" was billed as a family friendly affair where, as Nguyen pointed out, "middle-aged libertarian intellectuals, dressed in suits and spangled dresses, mingled with neckbeards in uncomfortable formal jackets," and could hang out, have face-to-face conversations, meet their social media heroes, and make connections for further activities.

The security firm of Bo Dietl, a former New York City Police Department detective and a contributor to the Fox News Network and Imus in the Morning, was hired to keep the peace.

According to RWW, "Mingling among the crowd were several prominent right-wing new media personalities such as The Gateway Pundit White House reporter Lucian Wintrich, Infowars host Owen Shroyer and former Survivor contestant turned pro-Trump talk show host Anna Khait. Reporter Chris Carter from One America News Network was present and another guest said she worked for Fox News host Sean Hannity."

A "surprising guest," RWW reported, was Chelsea Manning, "who mingled around the party during its first couple of hours. Manning maintains communications with several "new right" media personalities who live in Washington, D.C., and introduced herself to various right-wing media personalities at the event. After she left the venue, she posted on Twitter that she had 'crashed' the event, despite the fact that she seemed to mingle freely and be welcomed with open arms."

Not to worry dear reader: You will receive one of Tony Perkins' mulligans if you've never heard of any of the featured speakers, which included Gavin McInnes, the founder of the bizarre, right-wing "Proud Boys" fraternity, whose speech was decidedly not family friendly: "Say you're having sex with a tranny, right? If you're a straight man and you like women, you look down and you see that weird, like, elephant-trunk baby penis that I assume they have. Do you like that? Oh, OK. Are you gay? Doesn't a gay like a giant erect cock? So you're looking down at this weird, twisted course of events that you created with lies."

YouTube personality Stefan Molyneux focused on how feminists have handed women a "shitty deal": By the way, make sure you don't have too many children, because, you see, too many children is bad for the environment. Too many children, zero population growth, we don't need -- oh wait, shit, we do. Sorry, I forgot about that. Let's open the gates to the third world. In they come. Psych. One of the worst 'psychs' in the history of humanity."

Jack Posobiec, another "New Right" Internet personality who spoke at the event, confirmed that the group was already looking at booking similar events in Philadelphia, Washington and venues on the west coast.

According to several reports, Cernovich, who experienced great difficulties finding a venue for his Night, nevertheless managed to pull it off.

"'Mike's branding -- and his on and off attempt to pivot into mainstream respectability -- depend on regular doses of media attention,' Will Sommer, the campaign editor for The Hill and the author of the Right Richter newsletter, told Nguyen. "The problem is that, judging by the event's speeches, plenty of the leading New Right personalities aren't ready for Fox News, much less the mainstream media. Flanked by Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes went on his vile rant against trans people. Mike himself kept recurring to his obsession with supposed global pedophile networks -- not exactly the stuff that gets the party going!"

Will Cernovich, Vanity Fair's Nguyen asks, "fill the power vacuum left by Steve Bannon," now branded a traitor by Trump, dumped by Breitbart, and dropped by the billionaires that had kept him afloat? Is Cernovich intending to build a movement, or is he hoping to become the impresario of New Rightpalooza events across the country?