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Saturday, 08 October 2016 06:44

William Rivers Pitt: With Trump Tape Revelation, the Media Finally Got What They Wanted

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Mush 1008wrp opt(Photo: United States Department of Energy)A hard rain is falling on the tin roof of Trump Tower this morning, and many across the land call it a joyful noise. Paul Ryan has kicked Donald to the curb, an ever-increasing number of Republicans are calling on him to drop out, and if he actually summons the courage to show his face at the Town Hall on Sunday, he will know the trials of Sisyphus before he reaches the far shore.

I can summon no smiles today, however. While I am pleased this dangerous man's campaign has absorbed what appears to be a mortal blow, it does not change the fact that he happened, he happened to all of us, and nothing will ever be the same again. "Do what you want to them" and "Grab them by the pussy" have entered the political lexicon. Our children will read those lines in their History textbooks someday. My daughter will see that and rightly ask, "Why?"

Why? The phenomenon of the angry Tea Party voter is only a partial, facile explanation. The truth is harder: The media did this, with our help. They knew who this guy really was - everyone in the industry knew - and still they protected and coddled him for a year because he makes for good television. Geraldo Rivera is on Fox News at this moment tsk-tsking about how unsettling this must be for the Trump family. His concern is as ersatz as fake rain on a movie set. This recording did not fall out of the sky; someone has been safeguarding it as their retirement fund for 11 years, and someone else knew, which means everyone knew.

He was who the industry wanted, and they arranged to get him, and get him they did with our active assistance. Their ratings have never been higher, because we are the yeast that makes this rotten bread rise. Admit it: At some point you tuned in with the thought in your head, "I wonder what he said today." Millions and millions have done just that. I sure did, and I accept my portion of responsibility. If a Trump falls in the forest and no one watches, does it tweet? The media gambled on people watching, they won, and here we are.

We are a gutter country this morning, a low place, a dirty sheet on a frayed line flapping in a dank breeze. Even the relief in believing this rabid dog has finally been brought to bay is only so much curdled cream. Donald Trump will always be with us, now and forever. There is nothing good about that. Nothing at all.

Here lies a toppled God
His fall was not a small one
We did but build his pedestal
A narrow and a tall one

-- Frank Herbert


William Rivers Pitt is Lead Columnist and Senior Editor at Truthout, and a contributing editor at BuzzFlash.