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by Elliot D. Cohen

About to be consummated by the Senate may be one of the most egregious, far-reaching, and dangerous attacks on constitutional rights in U.S. history. What is scheduled to take place this week on the Senate floor is a hearing about shielding telecommunication companies from both past and future criminal and civil liability for helping the Bush Administration to deploy and operate a massive computerized system of unlawful search and seizure with the potential to disrupt and destroy free elections, privacy, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech in America -- in a word, democracy.

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Mark Karlin, Editor and Publisher, BuzzFlash.com

November 26, 2007


Mark Karlin, Editor and Publisher, BuzzFlash.com

November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving, the Day After...

Well, we made it again, another year through Thanksgiving. On some of the online political groups I a part of, there has been much discussion about NOT celebrating Thanksgiving for one reason or another. One reason is because it has become a somewhat secular holiday. Another reason is because people think it is terrible to feast on meat or to participate in the overeating that comes with the day. Still other people feel guilty to indulge in so much when there are others who have so little.


Mark Karlin, Editor and Publisher, BuzzFlash.com

November 23, 2007

In a recent posting, we explained how the financial circumstances of the editor and publisher of BuzzFlash and his wife have changed to where -- after 7 and ½ years -- the BuzzFlash Internet Network must make ends meet completely on its own, without subsidies by the publisher.

Awhile after we started in May of 2000 – and long after the theft of the election from Al Gore, we received this handwritten note and contribution from Tipper Gore:


DNC Press

Washington, DC - Just months after President Bush commuted the sentence of Vice President Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby for his involvement in the case of the leaking of the identity of a CIA operative, former White House Press Secretary and Bush confidant Scott McClellan revealed yesterday that President Bush himself was involved in the cover-up. In his new book, McClellan writes he "unknowingly passed along false information" at press conferences about the Plame incident, and that President Bush himself was "involved in my doing so." [FOXNews.com, 11/20/07]



Bush is being Bush. He's the decider, just like Hitler and his type of democracy. Bush would never ever say a bad thing about a dictator friend of his. And, I will always believe that Saddam would still be alive and a Bushite friend of the Bush GOP if it weren't for the control of his oil and the price of his oil, as Palast pointed out and point proved as the oil reaches $100 for a simple barrel that not too long ago was selling for $20.  

Wednesday, 21 November 2007 04:39

BuzzFlash Mailbag for November 21, 2007


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Subject: Re: A Woman President

This is in response to the letter in the 11/20 Mailbag from Rick in Kalamazoo MI who stated that he is surprised that voting for Hillary Clinton isn't a definite for them.

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