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Reaction of Trump’s Base to Helsinki is a Forecast of Things to Come

From Crib to Court: Trump Administration Summons Immigrant Infants

Congress Finally Introduces Bill to Address Sexual Harassment at Work

Single-Payer Advocates in Congress Double Down With Medicare for All Caucus

Neo-Confederates reach out to their ‘Russian friends’ in new project

Cohen recorded conversation with Trump on payment to ex-Playboy model

Roseanne Barr Screams About Valerie Jarrett: ‘I Thought The B*tch Was White!”

DHS official: States must be "much more precise" when requesting election security funding

EPA Monitoring of Lead in Drinking Water Needs to Be Strengthened, New Report Urges
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

One (1) House Republican's chilling warning on Trump and Russia

Trump poised to take control of the Federal Reserve

An NRA President Met With Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina’s Group in Moscow

Denver to Go 100 Percent Renewable by 2030
-- Olivia Rosane of EcoWatch on BuzzFlash at Truthout

States with history of racial discrimination more aggressively purged voter rolls

Youth voter registration in Florida skyrockets after Parkland shooting

The NRA Is Awfully Quiet About Maria Butina

As Ethiopia & Eritrea Sign Deal to End 20 Years of War, Will Political Prisoners Be Released Next?

The Real Collusion Isn’t With Russia - It’s With the NRA

Charles P. Pierce | This Would Be Delicious If It Weren’t So Poisonous

States Purged 16 Million Voters From the Rolls Before the 2016 Election

Putin Invitation Sends Washington DC Into Russian Twilight Zone

India Embraces Full Net Neutrality as the US Runs in the Opposite Direction

Michael Cohen Just Took Another Brutal Dig at Trump

GOP candidate calls woman "young and naive" for asking about fossil fuel industry donations

Moments before vote, McConnell withdraws Trump judicial nominee

Russia says Putin, Trump discussed referendum in Ukraine

No Longer a Russiagate Skeptic

Trump-Coats Tension on the Rise: "Coats Has Gone Rogue"

The Bigs Are Starting to Accept the Unimaginable

Elizabeth Warren Tore Into Trump’s Consumer Watchdog Nominee Over Family Separations

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez to rally Democrats in deep-red Kansas

NFL, NFLPA announce "standstill" on anthem/kneeling rules after Dolphins report

Trump threatens to put tariffs on all $500 billion of Chinese imports

New dots connect Butina case to K.T. McFarland and Mike Flynn

Watchdog says lack of EPA oversight helped cause 'catastrophic' Flint water crisis

Do Republicans disapprove of Trump's meeting with Putin? "They couldn't care less"

Motenegro dismiss Trumps "world war" remarks.

"Dark Money" Donors Will No Longer Be Disclosed to IRS
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout