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William Rivers Pitt | The Batman Villain Behind Cambridge Analytica

Evangelical Voters Show Hypocrisy on Trump's Family Values, Poll Indicates
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

McMaster to Resign as National Security Adviser, and Will Be Replaced by John Bolton
Return of the Neocons.

Dow point loss is among worst of all-time

On Eve of the March for Our Lives a New Report Examines the NRA’s Huge Influence in Washington

Eric Holder wins lawsuit against Scott Walker: Judge rules Wisconsin must hold special elections

The story behind the racist responses to "Black Panther" in China

Report: Coal miners union to endorse two West Virginia Dems

Gateway, the infrastructure project Trump hates so much he threatened a shutdown, explained

Study Finds Single Payer Viable in 2018 Elections

"Now I’m F---ing Doing It My Way": Jubilant and Self-Liberated, the President Prepares for War with Mueller

"DREAMer" Doctors in Training Are Now "at the Mercy" of Courts

Thieves in the Suites: Today's Captains of Corporate Capitalism
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout