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Iran warns Trump it might withdraw from Non-Proliferation Treaty

Retired military leaders protest Gina Haspel's nomination as CIA director

Arizona election is bellwether of Democratic enthusiasm in GOP stronghold

Bernie Sanders to Introduce Plan to Guarantee Every American a Job

Here’s how Homeland Security manipulates numbers to make immigrant crime look worse than it really is

Trump's First Salvo in Push to Weaken Vehicle Standards Struck Down by Court

Senate Delays Department of Veterans Affairs Confirmation Hearings For White House Doctor Ronny Jackson

They spewed hate. Then they punctuated it with the president’s name

Half of Amazon’s employees make less than about $28,000 per year

Shutdown of Texas Schools Probe Shows Trump Administration Pullback on Civil Rights

Outrage growing over black woman's arrest in Alabama Waffle House by white police officers

John Bolton presided over anti-Muslim think tank

Michael Cohen case shines light on Sean Hannity's property empire

How is Trump’s "John Barron" Fortune 400 Scam Not an Earth-Shattering Story?

Pruitt promised polluters EPA will value their profits over American lives

Drones will soon decide who to kill

Trump is erasing racial diversity from the South's federal courts

The NRA just broke a 15-year fundraising record

US Senate Panel Narrowly Backs Pompeo for Secretary of State

Trump's bumbling, brutal, bargain-basement mob

Saudi-led airstrike at Yemen wedding killed at least 20

9 dead, 16 injured after van strikes pedestrians in north Toronto

The Supreme Court’s First Great Trump Test: The Muslim Ban

World's first ocean plastic-cleaning machine set to tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Examining the Kochtopus
-- Jim Hightower on BuzzFlash at Truthout

Treasury will mull easing sanctions on aluminum producer with ties to Putin

Waffle House shooting: "Take these weapons of war off the streets," Nashville Mayor Briley says

Progressive Candidates Are Pulling the Democratic Party Left, Whether the Establishment Likes It or Not

Canary in the Coal Pond

Cutting Capitalism Out of Our Relationships

Net Neutrality's Slow and Insidious Death Officially Begins Today
Net neutrality backers in Congress are still struggling to compile enough votes to repeal Ajit Pai's new rules, despite the fact that they are deeply unpopular.

The Irresponsibility of Fiscal Responsibility

Democrats Are Primed to Win Big, Reclaim the House, and Save Our Democracy. Here’s How They Could Blow It

We should be able to eat waffles in peace — but Trump and the NRA accept this kind of terrorism

Police say Waffle House shooting suspect is in custody

Pulitzer-winning reporter David Cay Johnston: "The evidence suggests Trump is a traitor"

Conservatives Say Comey Set a Trap for Trump

This Republican bill would punish teachers for going on strike in Colorado

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Democrats Voting Against Pompeo Don't "Love" America

Republican National Committee Spent $225K at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort Just Last Month

Pruitt promised polluters EPA will value their profits over American lives

Republicans introduce a bill to make it legal for adoption agencies to discriminate

Challenging the Massachusetts Bail System, One Arrestee at a Time

How the Border Patrol Faked Statistics Showing a 73 Percent Rise in Assaults Against Agents

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Earth Day Post Is A Piece Of Wisdom To Keep In Mind Year-Round

It's Time for Arizona's School Board to Implement a Court's 2017 Raza Studies Ruling in Good Faith
-- Roberto Rodriguez for BuzzFlash at Truthout

The Myth of Trump’s Unparalleled GOP Support

Supreme Court to Hear Travel Ban Case

Pompeo Still Doesn’t Have Votes for Confirmation

John Bolton Chaired Anti-Muslim Think Tank
The Gatestone Institute created misleading news stories using fake data supplied by a Russian troll farm.

What to Watch In Arizona’s Special House Election

Trump Asked Netanyahu if He Actually Cares About Peace

Michael Cohen case shines light on Sean Hannity's property empire

The Global Crisis of Plastic Pollution

"Privatisation is Hell': Protesting French Rail Workers Defend Their Strikes

Governing is a political disaster for the GOP

Senate Foreign Relations Committee to vote on Pompeo confirmation amid rare opposition

Internal Emails Show How EPA Officials Lobby For Their Former Employers

Will courts hold oil companies accountable for climate change disasters?