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What if "Trump the Destroyer" Is Just the Beginning?
-- Bruce A. Jacobs for BuzzFlash at Truthout

You Want It Darker? Welcome to QAnon!
-- Bill Berkowitz for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Nearly 1,000 children being held in Homestead facility by immigration officials

Wealth of millionaires surges 10.6% to top $70 trillion for the first time

Supreme Court Punts On Partisan Gerrymandering

Sea Level Rise Could Put 2.4 MIllion U.S. Coastal Homes at Risk

UN chief Antonio Guterres: Gaza 'on brink of war'

Families divided at the border: 'The most horrific immigration policy I've ever seen'

Invasive, Blinding Weed Spreads to Virginia

Nielsen becomes face of Trump’s border separations

Italian minister's call for Roma 'register' sparks coalition rift

Zinke linked to real estate deal with Halliburton chairman

China slams U.S. 'blackmailing' as Trump issues new trade threat

Nato chief warns over future of transatlantic relationship

India Suffers 'Worst Water Crisis in Its History'

Virginia GOP Senate Candidate Got Campaign Help From Hate Group in 2017

Jeff Sessions: DOJ Not Like The Nazis Because They Were Trying To Keep ‘Jews From Leaving’