Fox Business: Work Until You Die

July 11th 2019


In an appearance on Charles Payne’s show at Fox Business to discuss the disturbingly high number of Americans who assume they will never be able to retire, Donald Luskin (who you may remember as the investment manager and former editor of the National Review Online who famously pronounced that the American economy was strong two days before the Wall Street crash of 2008) makes ridiculous statements about the ability of the average American to ever retire. According to Donald, “it’s a blessing” that most Americans will need to work until they’re dead because “is bowling really that interesting?”. Clearly, Donald is looking at this solely from the rarefied perspective of a “Boss,” not workers.

In addition, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks ridicule him using statistics regarding the wealth gap and the harrowing financial state of most Americans. Kasparian notes that most Americans hate their job and may have health issues that could keep them from working once they reach retirement age. In closing, Uygur warns that “if you’re an average American and you vote for Republicans...or corporate Democrats, you are a sucker.”