Fox Host Trashes Trump on His Environmental Record

July 10th 2019


It's not often we see a Fox News host attempt to hold Donald Trump accountable on anything, let alone any issue of substance. As Ana Kasparian on The Young Turks put it, "witnessing someone at Fox News criticizing Donald Trump is as rare as witnessing Donald Trump making a cogent point". However when it comes to long-time host Shep Smith, there is some history of stepping outside the party line. He’s previously spoken out against the use of “advanced interrogation techniques” during the Bush Administration, and has made efforts to critique Donald Trump from time to time.

Now, he’s taking Trump to task on his administration's environmental policy. While covering Trump's speech on the environment (during which the President justified his record by saying "a strong economy is vital to maintaining a healthy environment"), Smith pointed to data from Harvard Law & Columbia Law which found a litany of regulations of things like pollution/emissions, drilling/extraction, infrastructure/planning and water pollution all either overturned or in the process of being overturned. In addition, as Smith notes, the administration withdrew requests for oil and gas companies to report methane emissions data, and has loosened limits on toxic emissions. As a result of all this deregulation, pollution is 14 percent during Trump’s time in office.

There’s more to Smith’s analysis then just what’s written above, and Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian from TYT provide great additional insight as always.