House Dems Calling for Trump's Impeachment Rise to 132, Well Over Half of the Democratic Majority

August 23rd 2019

impeach ( Max Price )

impeach (Max Price)

By Kerr Elved

Daily Kos

In the wake of House Democrats' No. 4 calling Monday for an impeachment inquiry, at least half a dozen Democrats have also thrown their support behind opening an investigation. The change of heart from New Mexico Rep. Ben Ray Luján, who headed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2018, left some wondering whether support for an impeachment investigation would gain steam. Most of the new converts hold relatively safe Democratic seats with the exception of Illinois Rep. Lauren Underwood, a freshman who sits in an R+5 district. Underwood, who becomes the eighth Democrat in a Republican-leaning district to signal support, said the petitionfiled by Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler late last month was "essentially" an impeachment inquiry. "I support this investigation," she added in a statement.

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Here's the list of new supporters in order of when they announced:

In addition, Politico reports that New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney indicated he would vote for impeachment if it came up, though he had not issued a formal statement on the matter.

The Washington Post puts the number of Democrats now supporting an impeachment investigation at 132, not including Rep. Maloney.

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