Barack Obama Stunningly Denounces Leaders Who Use Language That "Feeds a Climate of Fear and Hatred or Normalizes Racist Sentiments" and Regards Immigrants as Sub-Human

August 5, 2019

President Barack Obama  (Marc Nozell )

President Barack Obama (Marc Nozell)


Although former President Obama has generally stayed out of the spotlight during the reign of Trump terror, on August 5, following the two shooting massacres over the weekend he issued a lengthy Twitter statement that clearly was aimed at the racist demagoguery of Donald Trump.

After the clear linkage of the manifesto, tweets, 8chan postings and Facebook page of the El Paso shooter —which was only one of several shootings in the past two years incited by Trump rhetoric — Obama apparently felt compelled to denounce the nativism and racial hatred that Trump has employed to animate the basest fears of his cultish followers.

As The Hill noted,

In his final press conference before leaving office, Obama told reporters that he would feel compelled to speak out if he felt the country's "core values" were being threatened. He cited systemic discrimination, voter disenfranchisement and mass deportations of "Dreamers" as occurrences he may speak out about….

While Monday's statement did not mention Trump by name, Obama appeared to indirectly rebuke his successor's rhetoric toward immigrants.

Obama called for stronger gun control and increased vigilance to rein in hate groups, particularly the influence of the Internet.

However, the most damning section of his statement is the last paragraph, in which he condemns Trump’s fanning the flames of racism and xenophobia without mentioning Trump by name.

It is a stunning, carefully crafted indictment of the incendiary language, memes and actions of the inciter-in-chief.

Read the entire statement below, but definitely do not pass over the last paragraph.