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This is how the world ends: will we soon see category 6 hurricanes?

States Begged EPA to Stop Cross-State Coal Plant Pollution. Wheeler Just Refused.

The Gullah-Geechee People Called Carolina’s Coast Home for Centuries. Then Florence Came.

Amber Guyger Is Free on Bail, but Activists Who Peacefully Protested Her Are Still in Jail

The Senate Just Passed a Sweeping Opioid Bill. It’s Still Not Nearly Enough.

Battle For The Senate: Candidates In Key Races Respond To Kavanaugh Allegations

Senate postpones Kavanaugh vote until after hearing on alleged sexual assault

U.S. To Limit The Number Of Refugees Allowed Entry To 30,000

In North Carolina, it's the poorest who bear the brunt of flooding

Dahr Jamail | As the Biosphere Dies, So Do We: Using the Power of Nature to Heal the Planet

Cruz criticizes O'Rourke on Dallas shooting: Wish he wasn't "so quick to always blame the police officer"

An Equator Full of Hurricanes Shows a Preview of End Times

Twenty-Five Zones Along Shell Falcon Pipeline Are at Risk of Explosions

Trump, Obama and What "57 States" Really Proves About Media Bias
-- John K. Wilson for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Neo-Nazi Ties, Gets Job in Neighboring Police Force

Kavanaugh’s Character Witness Once Wrote About His Family for Washingtonian. Check Out What His Brother Wrote in to Rebut Him.

Indicted GOP Rep. Chris Collins to Remain on November Ballot

Grim warnings for White House, Republicans ahead of election

Why History Matters in the "Land of the Free"
-- Bryan Adeline for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Air Force says it needs new planes, 40,000 troops to confront China

Sexual Assault Allegations Throw Kavanaugh Confirmation Into Turmoil
What once seemed inevitable is now maybe not so much.

Trump Voters Don’t Believe Democrats Can Win House

Dem Confidence About Flipping Congress Grows With 50 Days Until Election

Secretary Zinke and the Great Public Lands Wholesale

Republicans: Christine Ford Won’t Have Guts to Testify Against Kavanaugh. (She Does.)

Coke, Aurora in talks to make cannabis-infused drinks

Florence's Heavy Rain Threat Spreads to Appalachians and Northeast as Major to Record River Flooding Continues in Carolinas

William Rivers Pitt | Ted Cruz Might Lose, and Other Giddy Tidbits From Election 2018

First Evidence of Soot Air Pollution Reaching the Placenta Found in London Mothers, New Study Says

Justice Department Attempts to Suppress Evidence That the Border Patrol Targeted Humanitarian Volunteers

Organization of American States Chief: "Military Intervention" in Venezuela Cannot Be Ruled Out

Typhoon Pounds South China After Killing 64 in Philippines

Prosecutor: Border Patrol Agent Charged With Murdering 4 Women

Pollution Is So Bad That Earth Is Now In the "Plastic Age"

Woodward Offers to Release Tapes of Interviews

Philippines starts massive evacuations as huge typhoon nears

Abolishing ICE Is a First Step Toward Abolishing Borders

A New Study Shows Trump Won Because of Racial Anxieties -- not Economic Stress

Doctors: ‘Highly plausible’ Pussy Riot member was poisoned

#Flint: County Officials Accused of Faking Children’s Blood Lead Test Results

EU crackdown misses Big Tech targets

Hurricane rating system fails to account for deadly rain

Rightwing thinktanks unveil radical plan for US-UK Brexit trade deal

U.S.-China trade war heats up as Beijing vows to hit back at Trump’s new tariffs

Brett Kavanaugh And His Accuser Will Publicly Testify Monday

Trump says he wants 'full process' on allegation against Kavanaugh

More than 150 Dems launch caucus to expand Social Security benefits

Senate Democrats Are Suing The National Archives To Get Brett Kavanaugh's Records

Charles P. Pierce | You Can't Walk Back a Categorical Denial

Why Labor Is Holding Applause for Michigan’s Latest “Workers’ Rights” Measures

Paul Manafort's Activities in Ukraine Were Even Shadier Than We Thought. And That's Pretty Damn Shady.

Conservatives Suddenly Realize Juvenile Offenders Deserve Leniency

Republicans in swing districts are scared to tell voters the truth about Planned Parenthood

High School Classmates Of Christine Blasey Ford Sign Letter Of Support

Hurricane Florence Releases Toxic Coal Ash in North Carolina

Feinstein Says There’s More That Senators Don’t Know About Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh Lawyers Up

San Juan’s Iconic La Perla Neighborhood Defies Trump

Sarah Smarsh Can Tell You Everything You Need to Know About America’s Working Class

Justice Kagan warns that the Supreme Court’s legitimacy is in danger

The Divestment Movement to Combat Climate Change Is All Grown Up

Donald Trump Jr. Posts Meme Mocking Woman Accusing Brett Kavanaugh Of Sexual Assault

Florence's rains: Coal ash landfill collapses in Carolinas

Ankur Singh | Modi and Trump Are "Cut From the Same Cloth": Protesters Attacked After Disrupting Hindu Nationalist Conference

Lawmaker Calls on Netanyahu to Dismiss Ambassador to US Over Misconduct Allegations Against Top Aide

Kavanaugh Accuser Breaks Silence About Sexual Misconduct Allegations Detailed in Letter to Senate Dem

Massachusetts Residents Allowed to Return to Homes After Gas Explosions

Dozens Killed in Air Strikes and Clashes in Yemen's Hodeidah

"Worst Is Yet to Come" From Florence's Drenching Rains in US

Pakistan Supreme Court Summons CEOs of Mineral Water Companies Over "Exploitation" of Resources

Dutch Catholic Church Accused of Widespread Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

The Real Swamp Report No. 2: Why Is Ron DeSantis Running for Governor? Nobody Really Knows.
-- Bryan Adeline for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Cuomo Holds Massive Lead Over Nixon