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Study Debunks Anti-Choice Claims of Link Between Abortion and Suicide

Kurdistan Continues to Neglect Gravesite of Massacre That Inspired the Term "Genocide"

Colombia Votes in First Presidential Poll Since Farc Deal

What Will We Eat in 2050? California Farmers Are Placing Bets.

Rudy Giuliani Admits 'Spygate' Is Trump PR Tactic Against Robert Mueller

The United States Is a Force for Chaos Across the Planet

The Supreme Court’s Arbitration Ruling Is Already Screwing Thousands Of Chipotle Workers

Fear the Ballot Initiative: Why the GOP Is Scared of Democracy

GOP-Trump trade fight boils over with threat to cars

Media Delegitimize Venezuelan Elections Amid Complete Unanimity of Outlook

Vladimir Putin Says He Will Step Down as Russia's President in 2024

Trump Issues Orders to Reduce Restrictions on Firing Federal Workers

Myanmar Peace Process Being Destroyed on Multiple Fronts

Palestinians Risk Losing Jerusalem ID Over Israel Loyalty Law

Resistance Makes Subtle Impact Even Where Trump Is Popular

Can Stacey Abrams Turn Georgia Blue?

Korean Leaders Meet in Surprise Summit

In Passing "Blue Lives Matter" Bill, House Lawmakers Ignore Civil Rights Leaders

Suspect Wounds Teacher, Fellow Student in 23rd School Shooting in 2018

US Warns of "Firm Measures" if Syria Launches New Assault

Emails Show Cooperation Among EPA, Climate-Change Deniers

Devin Nunes Finds That Shilling for Donald Trump Is Paying Off -- Literally

Charles P. Pierce | Trump Is Ready to Pull the Whole Temple Down on His Head

New Challenges for the Disputed Atlantic Coast Pipeline

For CEOs, $11.7 million a year is just middle of the pack

Desert Bees Have Figured Out Something We’re All Going Need To Learn

Russian oligarch met with Michael Cohen at Trump Tower during transition

The Drive to Elect Women Is Defining 2018's Democratic Primaries

While the NFL cowers to President Trump, the WNBA takes a stand

Who's Got the Power: Reframe the Education System to Close the Achievement Gap
-- Kimberly Manns for BuzzFlash at Truthout

What Happens When Federal Policies Are Based on Lies

Trump's Nonsensical "Spygate" Conspiracy Theory Ends With a Whimper

Obama Doesn't Owe This Country Sh*t

Attacks on Mueller, Korean Summit Failure Darken GOP Midterm Prospects

Feds Hid Edits in Right-Wing Video Used to Prosecute Anti-Trump Protesters
James O'Keefe's outfit filmed activists talking before the inauguration, and prosecutors used it as evidence to say they conspired to riot. Turns out crucial moments were cut out.

Gas Price Rise Erases Impact of Tax Cut for Most

As a Teen, Emily Joy Was Abused by a Church Youth Leader. Now She's Leading a Movement to Change Evangelical America.

Explosion at Indian restaurant in Canada wounds 15 people

Trump's "Art of the Deal" ghostwriter explains why Trump's big North Korea deal went south

Harvey Weinstein set to turn himself in on sex crime charges in New York

Noam Chomsky on Donald Trump and the "Me First" Doctrine

An Empire of Nothing at All? The US Military Takes Us Through the Gates of Hell

Farm Bill Goes Down in Flames, but It Isn't Dead Yet

Pruitt’s Anti-Climate Agenda Is Facing New Challenge From Science Advisers

‘It’s about time’: Trump pardons late boxer Jack Johnson

State appeals ruling against Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Violent Arrest Highlights Need to End Criminalization of Homelessness
-- Donna Cline for BuzzFlash at Truthout

House GOP sets three FBI interviews in Clinton probe

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit, Citing 'Open Hostility'

The Latest Big Win in Gavin Grimm’s Case Shows Why Judicial Diversity Matters

Atlantic Coast Pipeline to Sideline 100 Miles of Construction in Virginia and West Virginia

Dem, GOP leaders to get classified briefing on Russia probe

DemToo? GOP fans out to hang #MeToo around Democrats’ necks

Bowing to pressure, White House to host bipartisan briefing on Russia investigation

GOP scrambles to quell immigration revolt

Joint effort: cannabis lobby heads to Washington to woo US lawmakers

Milwaukee Police Release Footage Of Cop Using Taser On Sterling Brown

North Korea Threatens Again To Call Off Trump Summit, Warns Of ‘Nuclear Showdown’

A building El Niño in 2018 signals more extreme weather for 2019

Abortion wars flare for midterm election campaign

U.S. Warns Syria of 'Firm' Measures for Ceasefire Violations

France's Far Left Leads Protests Against Macron Reforms

Subtropical Storm Alberto Threatens Florida, Gulf Coast with Hazardous Storm Surge, Flooding

Dem Money Floods California Primaries to Avert Electoral Disaster

Ireland Votes to Legalize Abortion. What Comes Next?

North Korea-US summit on track, says Moon, after candid talks with 'friend' Kim Jong Un
South Korean president says North still committed to denuclearisation after surprise talks requested by Kim

Sessions, Kelly, Trump and ICE are snatching 1 year olds from their mothers at the border.

Ireland Votes To Repeal Abortion Amendment In Landslide Referendum

Lawyer Who Helped Top Payday Lenders Prey on Financially Desperate Is Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison

Nunes Feels Russia Probe Blowback at Home

Palestinian Journalists Condemn Israeli Bill Criminalizing Photography of Soldiers

Suspect Wounds Teacher, Fellow Student in 23rd School Shootings in 2018

10 Families Bring First Ever "People's Climate Case" Against the EU

The Unbearable Whiteness of NFL Ownership

In Uganda, Groups Offering Contraception and Family Planning Have Lost Millions in US Aid Thanks to Trump's Global Gag Rule

Ireland Has Changed Utterly: The Cruel Eighth Amendment Is History

Indigenous Guatemalan Woman Shot Dead by US Border Patrol

Fukushima Radioactive Particle Release Was Significant, Says New Research

Seventy Years After Korea's Division, Women Lead Push for Peace

Cuban Exile and CIA Agent Luis Posada Carriles Dies a Free Man in US Despite Years of Terrorism

For 400 Straight Months, the Earth's Temperature Has Been Above Average

Medicaid Work Requirements Would Strain Hospital and State Budgets
Medicaid expansion has helped hospitals cut down on un-recouped costs, taking pressure off state health systems and budgets.

House Votes to Waste Taxpayer Dollars on Trump's Military Parade
-- Mark Karlin for BuzzFlash at Truthout

This Ex-NFL Player Has a Great Suggestion Regarding the League’s New National Anthem Rule

Jack Johnson Posthumously Tells Donald Trump to Kiss His Ass

Federal prisons director resigns amid Kushner, Sessions infighting on prison reform

Trump’s Racist Immigration Policy Is Backfiring on Trump

At least two people hurt in Indiana middle school shooting, suspect in custody

I'm an Irish expat who flew home to vote to legalize abortion. It's a thrilling moment.

Steve Kerr: NFL Is Using The Anthem As Fake Patriotism, Nationalism, Scaring People

Trump says he isn't familiar with the Harvey Weinstein case, but then says it is "Really too bad."

The Feds Lost -- Yes, Lost -- 1,475 Migrant Children
Before announcing a plan to separate more children from families, shouldn't there be a plan to adequately protect the children?

Assange May Be Forced Out of Embassy

Stop Talking About "Norms." Nothing About This Is Normal.

Ignorance is Strength: The Trump Administration's Creepy War on Language

Under investor pressure, energy firms to reveal more on climate risk

In a California House Race, the Democratic Party's Candidate Is Going to War Against Elizabeth Warren's

Prosecutor lied about key evidence in Trump inauguration protester trial, judge rules

Judge Gives Trump a Comeuppance on His Blocking Twitter Critics
-- Mark Karlin, Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout

Brazil Comes to Halt as Truck Drivers Strike for 4th Day

Honeybees May Be Dying in Larger Numbers Due to Climate Change

Corporate Lawyers Hijack UN Meeting, While Civil Society Is Sidelined

World Could Save $20 Trillion by Getting Serious About Climate Change

Trump signs Dodd-Frank rollback

Embracing Kids Instead of Arming Them
-- Robert C. Koehler for BuzzFlash at Truthout

Women accuse Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior, harassment

As Landmark Glyphosate Case Moves to Trial, Man Dying of Cancer to Have Day in Court With Monsanto

Las Vegas casino workers vote 99% to authorize a citywide strike

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown is a Boom Time for Private Prisons

Trump on collision course with Congress on ZTE

Chicago’s population drops for third year in a row, losing 3,825 in 2017: Census

On the Ground in Ireland: Fighting to Repeal Abortion Ban

The Koch Network Is Going After One Of Trump’s Favorite Congressmen

Security troops on US nuclear missile base took LSD

Inside the Mexican Mafia

North Korea 'destroys' nuclear test site as world's media watches