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Your Taxes Help Fund Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Agencies and Other Stories for Your Week

How to Stop Child Separation? Stop Sending Their Parents to Prison.

Sex Work After FOSTA-SESTA: Why the New Wave of Prohibition Has So Many Panicking

Revolution, Not Amelioration, Is Necessary to End Oppression

Suspect Dead, 20 Injured in Shooting at New Jersey Arts Festival

Afghanistan Extends Ceasefire With Taliban

Farmers from Central America and Brazil Join Forces to Live with Drought

Anti-Choice Lawmakers Use Federal Budget Bills to Launch All-Out Assault on Reproductive Rights

Trump To Meet with House Republicans Tuesday to Sell Immigration Compromise

Banks Take on Sessions Over Legalized Pot

Saudi-UAE Led Forces "Capture" Yemen's Hudaida Airport

Israel Renews Detention of Palestinian Lawmaker Khalida Jarrar

Oklahoma Teachers' Salary Raise in Limbo Following Historic Win

Pipeline Incidents in Canada Spiked By Nearly Half Last Year, Report Finds

US Expected to Withdraw From UN Human Rights Council: Report

Citibank Fined $100 Million for Interest Rate Manipulation

Chair of Senate Environment Panel to Call Scott Pruitt to Testify on Scandals

Melting of Antarctica is speeding up, worrying scientists

Daddy Issues: Some Queer Father’s Day Reading For You From Autostraddle

Next Move Is Trump's After China Hits Back in Trade-War Opener

Bus Driver Tells Passengers Only U.S. Citizens Can Ride As Border Patrol Agent Looks On

Dangerous Mass of Hot, Humid Air Triggers Heat Advisories in Midwest, Targets East

Rescue Ships Carrying Migrants Dock in Spain as Debate Roils Europe

Pruitt’s New Problem With the GOP: Ethanol

Father’s Day Under Trump: A Grotesque Exercise in the Destruction of Families

Trump’s trusted diplomat faces daunting task with North Korea

Greek Lawmakers to Vote on No-Confidence Motion in Government

Harvard Scientists: Trump Environmental Policies Could Result in 80,000 More Deaths Per Decade

Kashmiri Editor's Brutal Assassination Shocks India

Car Bomb Kills 26 During Eid Ceasefire in East Afghanistan

Only "Rapid and Far-Reaching" Changes Will Stop Global Warming Exceeding 1.5C Target By 2040, Leaked UN Report Reveals

Minimum Wages Can't Pay for a 2-Bedroom Apartment Anywhere

Amazon, Microsoft and Uber Are Paying Big Money to Kill a California Privacy Initiative

Pundits Worry Threat of Nuclear War Is Being Reduced

Trump’s Own Budget Office Puts the Brakes on Proposed Religious Imposition Rule

"You Can't Deter People Who Are Fleeing For Their Lives": Attorneys Scramble After Sessions' Asylum Decision