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Founded May 2000


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May 2000


Fed up with Ken Starr, the growing influence of Fox News, and The Drudge Report spewing right-wing vitriol on the web, BuzzFlash was launched to fight back!


The thought bubble in our original logo symbolized what so many of us were thinking about Republican hypocrisy and cruelty.

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The lightning bolt represented the urgency of our task to fight back, the strength we’d generate in numbers, and the light we’d expose on an increasingly amoral and belligerent right-wing.

I read for hours, my producers and I divvy it up, newspapers, websites, BuzzFlash
— Rachel Maddow, 2007
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We amplified voices to break through the mainstream Media


“BuzzFlash is the one outlet I know I can take hardcore investigative reporting and you will run with it. And that's unusual in the United States”

-Greg Palast

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“Were it not for BuzzFlash, I am convinced that my book would not have become a national bestseller.”

-Max Blumenthal

I read BuzzFlash all of the time
— Bernie Sanders (2008)

And we were happy to draw the mainstream media’s ire…

BuzzFlash is the shrillest, and the most dimwitted political site
on the web.
— The Wall Street Journal, 2001
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But times change…

2000 - BuzzFlash launches

2010 - BuzzFlash joined up with

2018 - BuzzFlash took a sabbatical for several months, contemplating how to counter this dispiriting political moment of debased and corrupt national leadership.

2019 - After nearly a year-long hiatus, BuzzFlash IS BACK, Reborn as an independent site, thanks to the generosity of Truthout.

It’s been nearly 20 years since we galvanized the progressive Internet. Known as “The UnDrudge Report” during the Bush administration we reached nearly four million readers a month, and now the progressive movement has evolved into one of the strongest forces in contemporary politics while the right wing’s amorality and crassness have reached new lows.

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So we are evolving also

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We’ve modernized our original logo. The lightning bolt is still the most prominent symbol because our communal task of shining light on a cruel and hateful Republican Party has only increased in urgency.


We’ve focused on making the site more intuitive, but aimed at staying true to the classic lo ok of our homepage, where you’ll still find original BuzzFlash interviews, commentaries, editorials, editor blogs, reader commentaries, guest posts and curated content from across the web. Additionally, our Flashback page will rotate select archival content, and our Election page will chart presidential polling and results through the 2020 elections.

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Keep it up, our democracy depends on you
— Former Second Lady Tipper Gore
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  • Connect the dots and provide historical context on the political moment.

  • Continue to call out hypocrisy, bigotry and malfeasance.

  • Dig into the causes of our politics and culture to inspire and facilitate solutions.



  • Dwell on the symptoms of our problem.

  • We don’t want to give more attention to every daily inflammatory Trump tweet or calculated Trump media distraction.

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Most importantly, we’ll continue expanding the site to meet the interests and needs of our readers, with the goal of creating a stronger community for change. Right now we’re looking for suggestions and ways we can structure and incorporate content that you generate, as well as expand the site to meet your progressive needs as we work toward transformative change together. Please click the button below and keep the ideas rolling.